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  1. I've already looked on ebay. There are various similar radiators available however no-one is bidding on them. Suppose I might as well give it a go anyway!
  2. I know, could sell them for a fair bit if I could find a buyer, but it's going to be near impossible to find one. I think a reclamation yard is probably the best bet.
  3. I'll try the place on abbeydale road then. Hopefully the scrap thieves won't get it first Although I think they'd struggle with the weight!
  4. Some old victorian radiators (they're pretty damn big!). Anyone got any ideas/know of a reclaimers that would take them? Also got an old iron boiler that I don't really know what to do with as it's a good two inches thick all round... Don't really know where to start with any of these.
  5. Good video there. Up with the BBC's flying penguins one last year IMO. Anyone fancy emailing it to Look North? Get it a bit of coverage...
  6. Also you've got Weston Park and Museum there, but you might already know that if you've been working at the uni.
  7. Could do with a good flexible smallish venue where people could try out and start up their own nights (see Mint in Leeds).
  8. Common Room seems pretty cheap to me. The Elbow Room here in Leeds is £6/hr going up to £9/hr after 5 and at weekends...
  9. Not the best of comparisons there is it. If it was a brothel I frequented I probably would be upset. (I don't frequent Players BTW, living in Leeds and that) Exactly.
  10. You get excited when a new business in Sheffield shuts down?
  11. Here we go again with 'ruining its character'. Have you ever been to the nursery street area? Apart from the mill and church, the rest of nursery street (and behind it up to the ring road) is run down industrial sheds and a couple of decrepit low rise office buildings. For those that don't know, the councils plan is to create a small park between nursery street and the riverside, which personally I welcome... This is an impression of what it might be like: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v669/dj_tass/pocket-park.jpg And in answer to the original post, what Andrew says pretty much sums it up.
  12. Where's all this talk of a takeover come from? As far as i've gathered recently... We have a new chair who seems to have a good business head and have wednesday at heart (doing it unpaid signifies to me that he's in it for the club rather than the money) We are getting new supporting staff - in my opinion Wilko is a good appointment giving (as Laws said in the Star) the club a much stronger presence in attracting investors and scouting, and he should help build up the clubs infrastructure to the level it should be at. Now it seems the present board are no longer looking for a 'takeover', rather looking to attract investment which they can channel correctly into the club...
  13. I think monday nights are pretty great at the moment! Although it's kind of wandered away from Corps original style...
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