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  1. OK, so I challenge 'Boy', with all the time he appears to have on his hands, to quote just one instance of personal abuse I've aimed at him which comes even close to the bile he posted against me. Didn't think so.
  2. Wear plastic gloves and tape razor blades to the edge of the lid.
  3. Yeah! Anybody who criticises mass immigration is a xenophobe, racist or worse. Fraid that 'argument' has had it's day. Even Milliband acknowledges this. Nobody is remotely claiming this. That's right! Unless we continue with this madness, we can't claim the title of 'Most Overcrowded Country on Earth'! That's it. Mods, can you please close this thread? 'Boy' has spoken. (again).
  4. Given the Beeb's obsession with the talentless, I'm amazed Sarah Millican wasn't asked.
  5. True, and the damage has already been done. But bringing this in immediately would ensure this country doesn't go further down the pan.
  6. So it seems that Spain are about to invoke Article 7 of the 2004 EU directive on free movement, which gives EU member states the power to define it ‘without prejudice to national border controls’ – in other words, entry conditions can be imposed on other EU citizens by member governments. Link. Hmm. Kept that quiet, didn't they?
  7. Peter Hitchens tells it straight (Join The Smiley Cult of the Five Circles). Hitchens is always raging about the death of democracy. Wanting to see what other readers had commented on this story, you get 'Sorry we are unable to accept comments for legal reasons.'... Oh how we laugh at the syncronised sycophancy of the North Koreans! How we find it difficult to believe that the Romans kept their populace in check with 'bread and circuses'! So 27m 'watched' the openening ceremony on Friday? About the same number of mugs who used to watch a Morecambe & Wise Christmas Special.
  8. I thought Martin Samuel wrote a good article about this. He basically said he wasn't bothered with the whingeing about the Olympics, he was bothered about the whingeing about the whingers. It seems no negative comments will be entertained about the Olympics. Sorry, but when somebody relentlessly tries to force it down your throat, I'll protest. I love sport. Last Sunday was exceptional with great golf, a decent Grand Prix and an awesome cricketing performance from South Africa. But don't tell me that we've all suddenly developed a taste for Tai Kwando or Skeet Shooting. The Olympic supporters remind me of charity-givers. It's not enough for them to simple give, they've got to let the world know about it and criticise anybody who doesn't join in.
  9. Mulan (Far Eastern Cuisine) Restaurant officially opens this Sunday. Looks very nice.
  10. And have you seen the 'mother' on TV? Everybody's fault but hers. But then she does have the scraped-back ginger hair and bulging eyes made fashionable by Karen Matthews...
  11. Well, as this scam began in November 1994, if you didn't buy say a £1 ticket every week, you be 18 x 52 x £1 = £936 up! And as for the apocryphal tales of 'I knew a mate who knew the newsagents dog...' that exactly how to get suckered in. Oh sure, you'll win the odd tenner (and forget about how much that tenner has actually cost you) but it's just to fool you into thinking you could be near the 'big one'. Anyway, the average punter I see scrambling in their purse/pocket for the change to buy a ticket wouldn't possibly benefit from winning a few million.
  12. Not another useless security company? I thought G4S were bad enough!
  13. Agree with most of that apart from 2) and that bit about Ken Clarke! Many people (who should know better) are clamouring for this massive borrowing while we have 'record low interest rates'. Don't you think the ratings agencies are watching this and would immediately downgrade the UK, therefore swiftly ending these 'record low interest rates'? Surely this is the cause of our problems - borrowing to get out of debt/recession. And I agree with the bit about actually making cuts. Whatever the Tories do, some will always portray them as 'nasty' as that's what their organ of choice (Daily Mirror) tells them they are. Might as well go for it, then. While some on here are secretly delighted that we sink further into the mire (and, incredibly, think Labour would get us out of it - even though they have zero suggestions of how this might be done) the game is effectively up for the system that got us here. Unfortunately (like Labour ) I've got no remedies. The trouble is, the system as it stands will remain because we've all got a stake in that system, be it by having bank accounts, mortgages etc. The criminally-low interest rates have simply not worked - unless you count destroying savers and pensioners as 'working'. Spain last week showed that they are as useless as our lot. Raising VAT from 18 to 21%. Hmm, that should help a recovery. A good start would be for 'them' to stop bloody lying with their statistics, be it immigration, crime, educational 'achievements' and the most recent - the ludicrous notion that unemployment is falling. And a way of regaining honesty with the voters would be to suggest a new coalition at the next election. LibDem/Tory and Labour. You can't put a fag paper between the lot of them, they'd bicker all the time (as they do every Wednesday at PMQs) and blame each other. But at least it would give the electorate a chance to realise they're all the bloody same - undeserving of a vote.
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