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  1. Yes, like I said earlier, the politicians ( in this case the Lib-Dems) take politically expedient decisions. The officers know very well what the best course of action is, but can only recommend. Councillors decide. As I said earlier too, they have to consider all forms of transport. Not everyone can use or wants to use buses. The public sector is responsible for the highway infrastructure, but they can’t effectively resolve the issues. They can’t build sufficient capacity to meet all travel needs / wants and the alternatives are not terribly popular.
  2. All major cities have traffic congestion at peak times. It affects car drivers and buses alike. Do you somehow think the council can cure this? The Council have enforcement officers but they can’t be everywhere, so thoughtless drivers cause problems. Again that is the same anywhere you go. The Council do consider buses when planning where and when roadworks can take place, but as I am sure you understand very well, sometimes works have to happen at short notice. Sometimes contractors don’t follow the right procedures and just go in and do the work without notifying anyone. Again there’s a limit to what the council can do about it. The Council have to consider all road users, not just buses. Ultimately, the council is run by politicians, who want to be re-elected, so will make decisions that are politically expedient and that often means avoiding upsetting motorists more than they have to.
  3. It isn’t enforced because it can’t be, as the restriction doesn’t apply anymore in the middle of the day. Hasn’t done for quite a few years now.
  4. Completely different problem. In Harrogate, the locals apparently just want to drive their Merc / Chelsea Tractor into town and dump it wherever they like. The free buses are the attempt to get them to consider another mode. Which Sheffield BID initiatives have involved parking discounts? I am not aware of any. The ones I have seen just advertised the already cheap parking in Sheffield in the evenings. There was no discount involved.
  5. Aren’t you conveniently forgetting the many millions which have been spent in this city in recent years on quality bus corridor schemes and bus hotspot improvements? There has also been investment in bus lane / gate enforcement. New bus lanes / gates tend to also get a camera installed. Only last year all the older manually observed cameras were replaced by automatic ones which have vastly improved the number of contraventions detected. The most recent major road scheme was the Bus Rapid Transit scheme at Meadowhall. The only other major road scheme in recent years that I can think of which wasn’t directly bus related was the inner relief road, which speeded up journeys for all road users including buses. Last year there was a lot of money spent on Chesterfield Road, which was a bus route improvement if I recall correctly. Also, the road / footway infrastructure at bus stops is covered by the Amey contract, so it gets maintained properly, which is an improvement on what used to happen before. So, in actual fact, there has been no shortage of investment in bus related infrastructure and I think you might find that the majority of spend on highway work has been public transport related.
  6. I like your optimism, but experience tells us that it won’t happen. I’ve seen studies in which the majority of drivers said they would not use public transport even if it were free. I’ve personally heard lots of drivers say the same. Therefore it’s rather naive to expect car drivers to switch mode just because the buses are electric or there are a few more tram routes. In my view, to make a huge amount of drivers switch modes, it will have to be done by price ( ie taxes and charges) or restricting their ability to make the trip by car ( Like restricted access or limiting the amount of parking available).
  7. Worth mentioning that the bus bay in question has a bus stop clearway restriction (denoted by the wide yellow line alongside the kerb and the pole mounted signs) which is enforceable by the Council. That means if you are spotted by a civil enforcement officer picking up and dropping off there in a car, you will get an instant ticket . You can't pick up/drop off on a bus stop clearway like you can on a double / single yellow line (that doesn't have a loading restriction in force).
  8. Then how come they have and urban traffic control system that operates all the traffic signals in the city, a well staffed control room where operators can see most of the major junctions via CCTV and change the timing plans o directly operate the signals if need be?
  9. Indeed they can. So, whoever is concerned should contact the officer named in post #12 and check whether the bays have been installed in accordance with planning approvals.
  10. SCC parking services (and every other council) are limited in what they can enforce. They can only enforce an actual restriction like a yellow line or a permit parking bay. They cannot enforce against people blocking drives or on parking footways where there is no restriction in place. Only the Police can do that if it is deemed to be obstruction.
  11. I asked my old colleagues at SCC. You might find something at the bottom of the page here
  12. Yes it is 100% correct. Some places charge, Sheffield does not.
  13. Pollution levels won't get to acceptable levels if we keep on using motor vehicles in the same way we are now. Giving priority to pedestrians and cyclists is one way of encouraging more people to use active travel modes. It is national, regional and local policy to encourage and prioritise active travel and public transport. The car is no longer king and has not been so for some time now. That isn't going to change and if anything, there are likely to be more restrictions, so you'd best get used to it.
  14. If you’ve been up there, you will have seen the vast numbers of students who need to cross, so why do you need to ask
  15. Yes. You can park on any Sheffield Council pay and display spaces free with a blue badge. If a time limit applies to the space, you need to display your clock showing time of arrival.
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