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  1. So basically you mean that the council makes decisions you disagree with for reasons you don’t understand. Public authorities will always make decisions some don’t agree with. That’s why the decision makers ( councillors) are accountable at the ballot box. Do you think that managers/owner/decision makers in the private sector always get it right and can please everyone? Think again.
  2. A member is a councillor. They get an absolute pittance of an “allowance”. Public authorities should pay the going rate for the job. Why should public servants be grossly underpaid. Do you think there’s massive job satisfaction in it nowadays?
  3. If you think any of this public school network stuff applies to councils I believe you are very mistaken. Theres nothing stopping anyone being a success and there aren’t the qualification / membership of professional institutions requirements that prevailed when I started in local government ( at least in my line of work. I didn’t get a degree and I started work as an apprentice and got to be what was described by some (not me) as a “senior” manager. The very senior people at councils, like chief execs and executive directors are appointed by the councillors, so it’s hardly likely that any of them are ex public school around here. FYI, in my line of work and in other professions, graduates come in at “professional” level and in some places get accelerated progression up a “career grade” as they gain experience and get professionally qualified. They don’t become managers unless they apply for and get a vacant post via competitive interview. Not everywhere has graduate training schemes anymore as local government isn’t that attractive to them, as they can get much better pay and experience in the private sector.
  4. So how would you propose that the “truly useful” people and their organisation are managed? A workers co-operative?
  5. We get this debate every year when the taxpayers alliance / similar do their annual foi requests and publish the salaries of senior council staff around the country. Last time I looked, SCC had a budget circa £1.5 billion. Find a private sector company with a similar budget and I think you will find the senior manager salaries are an order of magnitude higher. I’ve worked in local government for many years and have worked closely with Directors and Chief Execs at several different organisations including SCC. I have always found Chief Execs to be very smart, very dedicated people, who dedicate their lives to public service. They put in huge amounts of hours, I was always getting mails from senior managers late at night as they invariably go home when the office closes and log on remotely for several hours each night. The job essentially “owns” them. I have never met a Chief Exec I thought wasn’t smarter than me. They are very bright people. ( Bob Kerslake was especially good) I think they earn and deserve every penny they get and deserve a lot more. The comparisons with the Prime Minister are ridiculous. The PM’s salary is dwarfed by the millions they earn after they step down by writing their memoirs, becoming directors of various companies and going on the speaking “circuit”.
  6. The contract is set out as a partnership, where the partners are transparent and open with each other. The problem with it is that from a few months after signing the contract, the councillors were wanting to make huge multi million pound “savings” ( ie budget cuts) in that area of work. This meant that they only actually filled a small fraction of the originally envisaged number of posts in the highways “client” team. Councillors sometimes have to make extremely difficult decisions on what to cut to stay within available budgets. Whatever they decide, some people will be unhappy.
  7. The specification for the Amey contract is huge. It sets out the standards required and includes some pretty severe penalties for non performance against the criteria.
  8. I don’t recall saying that. There are standards for reinstatements and the utilities have to warranty the repairs they do. This document explains it.
  9. There are many reasons that a tarmac surface might fail. That is just one of them.
  10. I do not believe you are correct in saying there’s no oversight. There is. There is a council team that operates the contract. It’s just that it is smaller in scale than was envisaged when the contract was put in place.
  11. Erm, there is plenty of parking available in Sheffield city centre, the car parks are never full, even at the busiest times. How many department stores does Meadowhall have? Very classy walkways? Which ones are/were these?
  12. All of the permit parking zones are regularly enforced.
  13. Why don’t you have a look at the transport assessment and see for yourself. The highway plans start at around page 245. It says that the problems at St James are largely due to the internal layout, which is being changed, so they are expecting that will sort it out. Like I said before, the assessment says that the Greenhill Avenue / Greenhill Main Road ( which is the place where collisions are happening) has a “committed” council scheme to fully signalise it, which should be sufficient to handle any traffic arising from the stadium development. Like I said, this is the transport assessment the applicant has submitted. The council will be checking what they have said and may, or may not accept what they are proposing. Interestingly, it says that on match days they will put on a “frequent” ( whatever that is) shuttle bus that runs to / from Dronfield station, Dore station and Sheffield station. That should help some people leave their car at home.
  14. If you have a look at the transport assessment in the application ( which is linked in previous posts) it tells you what they are proposing ( which the council may, or may not accept) The assessment says that the council are already planning to fully signalise the Greenhill Main Rd / Greenhill Avenue junction and this will cope ok. They’re proposing some minor tweaks to Meadowhead roundabout, widening the carriageway on the roundabout opposite the end of Greenhill Ave ( shaving some off the main island and some off the splitter island on Greenhill Main Road) and extending the 3 lane approach from Greenhill Main Road back a bit longer and a few minor geometry tweaks on the other arms. No changes at St James retail park or other junctions.
  15. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of police enforcing no entry restrictions by automatic camera. Decriminalised enforcement of some moving traffic offences is now being rolled out to councils outside London ( after many years of lobbying for it) but the councils have to apply for the powers. I believe SCC are applying and have already identified the sites they will enforce.
  16. Highway projects are often delivered in phases, usually because of the availability of funding, or the timescales within which the funding has to be spent. ( central government often impose very tight timescales for funding pots).
  17. Because, believe it or not, they actually consider enforceability when they put these restrictions in. The police have other fish to fry and won’t be able to dedicate Officer time to enforcing a bus gate. ( And they tell the council this too)
  18. The problem with this is that only the police can enforce it and they are generally busy doing other things, so actual enforcement would be very infrequent. Once drivers realise this, the restriction offers very little deterrence and won’t achieve its aim of keeping general traffic out. Thats why we have decriminalised enforcement by automatic camera. It’s much more efficient at catching and penalising offenders and frees up police and court time.
  19. If I was looking to describe the quality of the shopping on Fargate, I don’t think “up market”would have been my choice. Pretty standard High Street stuff in my opinion. Sheffield simply does not seem to attract high end retail. Have you actually seen the visualisations of what they are doing on Fargate? It should look very good once it’s finished. Nowadays companies looking to open a branch in a new city or looking to relocate, consider the quality of the public realm ( ie the infrastructure, paving, planting, seating etc) in that area. Cheap but smooth doesn’t cut it I’m afraid. They are using a government grant that’s specifically aimed at this kind of project. There’s little point in skimping on quality.
  20. As I recall, all Council controlled parking in the city centre, on and off street was always free on Bank Holidays. Read the information panel on the pay and display machine, it will tell you if that’s still the case. Have a look at the council parking page to see where their nearest car parks are. Carver Lane and Rockingham St look nearest.
  21. Do you actually know what SCC does to attract investment? And exactly what would you want them to do more of?
  22. Exactly where is it and what is it mounted on? I can see a camera on a lighting column opposite the back of the Crucible. Looks more likely to be city centre security to me. That location has never been mentioned for a moving traffic offences camera and as far as I’m aware SCC haven’t installed those yet.
  23. Is doing a quick online search of “Arundel Gate Bus Gate” beyond your capabilities? If you did, you’d find this article.
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