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  1. Which leads to the question of why you need a 27MB file to produce a print of that size.
  2. On the other hand, if you had researched the means of printing before creating your images, you could have made them to fit your desired format cheaply. FPPPPP.
  3. My last post was responding to comments that you made about the impact on electricity prices of the price of gas, and now your graph is about the price of oil.
  4. So is this: https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/topic/478436-ukraine-invasion-imminent/?do=findComment&comment=8562025
  5. Bit odd that the article mentions soaring gas prices last September, but they don't really show up on this graph in comparison to more recent increases. Look here: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/aug/28/national-grid-nears-deal-third-coal-power-station-on-standby Can't help thinking that the amount of power available from coal generation (currently 2%, today) will be a drop in the ocean of reducing the costs from the 46.5% of power from gas generation.
  6. The manifesto on which the Conservatives won a landslide election victory in 2019 included a pledge to reach nett zero by 2050. That is how the democratic process works, not by straw polls of anonymous people on local internet forums.
  7. The difference between 850 and 1500 is 600, enough to think that something is wrong with the picture. 850 and 1100 are close enough that I wouldn't have bother to comment. I guess you were inflating the size of the bill to start with to support your argument that insulation cannot achieve useful savings.
  8. Hard to believe this needs an explanation but the similarity is in the structure of the question. Both are closed questions expecting a yes or no answer. In my example if the alleged abuser answers no, he is admitting he is still beating his wife, so looks bad. If he answers yes, then he is admitting that he used to, so looks bad. It might be that he never beat his wife, but forcing a yes/no answer to a question that isn't adequately answered by either of the options he is pushed towards. That sort of interrogation, since you are insisting somebody answers, just looks like you trying to force your opinions on others, rather than giving your opinions and exploring theirs. You might think you are winning an argument with this sort of thing, but a positional approach like yours seldom changes anyone else's opinion.
  9. Not conclusive I know, but a search on here for "nett zero" gives 19 hits, and 15 of them seem to be Chekhov complaining about it.
  10. But you said: "our bills (still pegged at 2020 rates.....) were £1500 a year". More hyperbole perhaps?
  11. It really isn't, it falls into the category that an old boss of mine used to call: "Have you stopped beating your wife" questions. The fact that you can't see that is rather telling.
  12. Yes, a child could see it's a limited option question obviously designed to have a gotcha from you as the payoff. So not an invitation to discuss a topic, so why would your targets bother to engage? Not all questions are adequately answered by yes or no, (as illustrated by Annie B above).
  13. Mine's a 2000 sq ft detached house, and before this nonsense started I was paying around £850 per annum, with the thermostat set to 20 degrees all day/evening. I think there is something drastically wrong with your setup.
  14. I should think most rational people's views have changed between the early days when no-one had any immunity, and the present where (almost?) everyone has some immune response from infection and/or vaccination.
  15. Where my folks come from there are a couple of isolated pedestrian crossings notorious for teenage suicides. Sure there are other places to do this, but at the moment people don't use those places for this purpose.
  16. What do you suggest that schools do instead to help address their problem of massively increasing utility bills?
  17. Schools are subject to business rather than consumer utility rates aren't they? There are reports around of some small hospitality businesses deciding to close after seeing not just three fold, but ten fold increases in utility bills.
  18. Could you pay by credit card? Mine allows me to designate specific suppliers as "trusted" so that repeat authentication is not required. I think you said you don't want a smartphone, however having one would allow you to: - receive SMS over wifi for one time codes in poor reception areas - have the capability to switch contactless card payments on and off if you might use them occasionally, to maintain your desired security - alternatively make contactless payments from your account using your phone which can be secured by PIN code or fingerprint scanner if you wish
  19. Under the terms of their licence Ofcom required the BBC to set a diversity and inclusion strategy, and annually monitors them against their targets. They are listed on Page 4 of this pdf: https://diversityuk.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/diversity-and-inclusion-strategy20161.pdf
  20. I was pointing out that you studiously collate all the news items and sound bites that you think support your positions, while carefully ignoring all of the facts (usually in government or scientific publications) that aren't consistent with them. Since you ask about inaccuracy, there's a case in point (in bold). It's in quotation marks and attributed to an "expert", yet the only links Google finds for that exact phrase is not in any quotation from an expert. You seem to have selectively quoted and slightly modified what was actually said to better fuel your outrage. Many of those sound bites are also opinions rather than facts. You keep coming back to this list as though it will win all arguments, but it really doesn't. Just take a look at the responses to it that you have already had.
  21. Look at how many of those on the A-list were successful in the 2010 election and then tell me again that you think Central Office wasn't successfully influencing constituency organisations to do their bidding. Coming from you Justin that is pure comedy gold. Maybe you should use it for your signature. You have a nice day now. At least there is a choice with the final two candidates of which Oxford college they each got their PPE degree from.🙂
  22. As I said, she was one of those selected centrally by the Conservatives to be recommended for adoption by constituencies, because she was thought to be more attractive to voters than the usual suspects. Without that she would have been just another wannabe outsider. Is that so hard to understand? That's a reference to a quote from Michael Portillo in 2006. You clearly didn't read the Wikipedia link already posted by sibon that provides the evidence for these comments.
  23. You missed the point, I was pointing out that you were comparing the impact of events over a day or two now with the total impacts of a multi year conflict to make your comparisons. That's nonsensical on many levels.
  24. The appropriate comparison is not two days now versus the whole of WWII. I expect that yesterday the UK suffered more damage than a day in the early part of WWII, before things really escalated.
  25. They were introduced in the 2010 Equality Act to counter existing discrimination. In the Equality Act 2010, nine characteristics were identified as 'protected characteristics'. These are the characteristics where evidence shows there is still significant discrimination in employment, provision of goods and services and access to services such as education and health. If you don't like them, why not demonstrate that the tendency to discriminate against these groups no longer exists so that they can be removed as no longer necessary, rather than just complaining?
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