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  1. The 3rd floor idea also exists close by.
  2. Used to go in fairly regularly as I work around there and it was decent when the youngish couple had it, good selection of guest beers alongside the Thwaites regulars and cheap and cheerful food at lunchtime. Last couple of times I went in the beer selection was poor so haven't bothered going back.
  3. The Albion is still going too isn't it? Not been down that way for a while.
  4. It's not a fun run, it's a proper athletic competition...
  5. Don't you just put your registration in before you leave and pay on departure at Ponds Forge? I've never displayed a ticket there
  6. I've been to a few, all have been positive experiences. The Stags Head, Nether Edge has plenty of cask/keg on, you wait at the door to be seated inside or out with plenty of screens etc inside and they do table service. Two thirds on Abbeydale Road is very well organised and lets you order with an app, couple of casks and plenty of keg. The Ale House has a good selection on and you order at the bar. Portland House does table service and everything is also really well organised. One thing I have noticed is not much in the way of dark beers ie stouts/porters in the places I've been but maybe it's just the time of the year and my timings.
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