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  1. EUCLID11

    fake Paypal text scam ?????

    Thanks for your your help. I have deleted the text. I still work the 'old fashioned way'. I don't like telephone banking and only buy online from a small number of retailers. Its an 'age' thing. The older you get the more unsure you are about things.
  2. Have just received a text message informing me that an attempt has been made to access my PayPal account. It also asks me to click on a link to contact PayPal. I don't have a PayPal account and never have had. Has anyone else had this message ??? The number it came in on was +44 7394 485321. I've Googled the number and nothing has shown up.
  3. EUCLID11

    Local radio on iphone

    Thanks for info. I went into Appstore and found UK Radio. All the stations I want, BBC Sheffield, LBC, Absolute.........all the variations and all free. I don't mind the ads, its a free service. It works anywhere via wi fi at home and via my data outside. Its brilliant.
  4. EUCLID11

    Local radio on iphone

    Thanks for your replies. I will give them a try.
  5. EUCLID11

    Local radio on iphone

    Is it possible for me to receive radio Sheffield on my iPhone ??? The FM/AM signal is rubbish where I live so my radio is now near useless. I only want to listen to Radio Sheffield while I have my morning coffee. All I can get on my old FM/AM radio is Heart and the other stations like it. Awful stations, awful music. Just Radio Sheffield and Radio 2 would be OK. I don't want to have to use earphones either and I will be at home within reach of my Broadband. Thank you.
  6. EUCLID11

    Pyebank School, Pitsmoor

    I started school there in 1954, Mrs Temperton was my teacher.
  7. EUCLID11

    Ukip. All discussion here please.

    I just love UKIP. They are digging a huge hole for themselves....................give them a bigger spade.
  8. EUCLID11

    Do you hate social gatherings?

    I don't hug, shake hands or meet anyone socially. A few years ago I realised I hated it all so decided to ignore anything or anyone I didn't like. I avoid weddings, parties and quite a lot of family members. New Year parties made me realise why I hated it all. I have aquaintances but few friends as I found that friends expected things from me, favours and the like. I'm no longer invited anywhere so I'm much happier. I don't fear crowds of strangers, public transport is OK, so I've no problems. I don't allow anyone to pressure me into going anywhere I don't want to go. I have my immediate family, wife, kids and grandkids. They provide all the social interaction I need. Yes, I can be an antisocial bugger but only to people who try to intrude into my space.
  9. EUCLID11

    Old pickle company in kelham island

    There was a Cunninghams pickles connected with Sheffield. Queens Road area.
  10. EUCLID11

    TV licence, free for over 75s?

    Let the BBC sell advertising time. It can then finance itself. The ITV does, and its free to all. As for the BBC being leftwing, I would certainly dispute that comment. Question Time is ultra right wing. Dimbleby and his Tory stooges primed to ask the right questions proves otherwise. The last episode I watched showed a Polish lady treat very poorly by Dimbleby. He interrupted her initial question, totally changing the nature of her intended comment and the audience actually had Brexiteers ignorantly making booing noises to drown her out. Dimbleby is a disgrace, thankfully he is going. Maybe Fiona Bruce will conduct matters fairly in future.
  11. My views entirely. I admit I was initially taken in by Jeremy Corbyn but his lack of tolerance [and action] have certainly changed my position. I fear for the likes of Angela Smith, loyal Socialists through the years, being punished for the crime of not sucking up to the leader. Corbyn has let the Party down, not Angela Smith.
  12. It doesn't matter who you vote for now ANY party is better than UKIP. Nigel Farage is the most horrible creature ever to enter politics. He is under investigation for numerous reasons. You disappoint me Angel. As someone who is dependent on the Health service, YOU yourself are more dependent on European protection than you realise. Corbyn is a fence sitter, he's let a lot of us down. Its time for the old duffer to step aside. The EU isn't perfect, but its better than the alternative. BTW, you aren't a Trump admirer are you ???
  13. EUCLID11

    Congestion charge in Sheffield

    My neighbour has a Nissan Leaf. Nissan claim 150 miles per charge up, but due to the hilly terrain of Sheffield the reality is 90 miles per charge. Lets develop the electric cars a bit more first before we shoot ourselves in the foot.
  14. Angela Smith MP is obsessed with HS2. Maybe she will now represent her constituents and stop following her whims.
  15. Well said that man :clap:

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