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  1. My local Parish Council are a real example of busybodies, sad people with no friends, social lives and poor educational levels. There's a group claiming to be independents who all have previous UKIP connections, either full membership or sympathys. This group has been disrupting meetings, name calling and stopping any sensible issues being discussed. Parish Councils aren't supposed to be partisan but these fruit loops break all traditions. They are openly racist, overtly Nationalistic and repulsive to ordinary decent people. They have Facebook pages that make VIZ magazine look serious. Forget Parish politics, keep your sanity and enjoy your life.
  2. My local Parish Council [Ecclesfield] is an absolute car crash. It comprises of labour, Lib-Dems and an independent group who just happen to be all ex UKIP members. Nothing gets done, these ex Kippers are just sad people who lack a social life. My next vote in local elections will be to ABOLISH the Parish Council.
  3. I had a Tradesman call to give me a quote for some work, his name and number was given to me by a Forummer. He came in the house, had 10 seconds surveying the job and then kicked off trying to spout the most vile rightwing racist rubbish Ive ever heard. I showed him the door quickly but he managed to slip a comment in about Jo Cox getting what she deserved before he left. The man is a complete lunatic.................and dangerous.
  4. There has been NO OPPOSITION to the Torys since Jeremy became leader. He's useless I'm sad to say. Mayhem admits today the Government is in crisis, the Torys are like headless chickens and the Labour Party is crying out for leadership. The £3-00 membership scam got the old buffer elected. At this rate we will NEVER get rid of the Torys.
  5. No, not bitter or jealous. Just disgusted with Corbyns performance since the Brexit vote. The Torys have been in a rare old mess, very vulnerable to attack, embarrassed by their own greedy team, and Corbyn has just sat there pretending he has some 'masterplan' to play when the time is right. A Peoples Vote is owed to us, based on the fact that Brexit was campaigned on lies and misinformation. Jeremy doesn't want a Peoples Vote, he wants a General Election. The poor delusional old boy thinks he can win. He's missed a million opportunities to screw the Torys. He doesn't care about us, he cares about himself. I'm sad to see Labour reduced to such a sorry state. Not be long now and Mayhem will resign or be booted out and Rees Mogg will become PM. That will be a real disaster, Mogg is a monster...............and Labour, under Corbyns leadership will be responsible for putting him there. No my friend, no jealousy or bitterness, just sadness to see a useless old clown destroying the party I've supported all my life.
  6. Precisely. He puts himself before country and Party.. He will leave Labour in tatters. `I've done a bit of digging about Jeremy [Wikipedia]. He was a failure at school, blew his a levels {grade E], went on to some college or other [funded by his middle class Father] and blew that as well. He then did a brief spell as a journalist, no doubt made a mess of that as well and then got into working for Trade Unions. He worked for Unions representing trades HE NEVER ACTUALLY WORKED IN !! Then, somehow, he got into politics and the gravy train. Photos have appeared showing him at demos being arrested by the police. While he was at these demos, he was still getting wages. The rest of us had to work to support our families AND fight Margaret Thatcher. Jeremy was messing around at demos while I was working in Ironfoundries and steelworks struggling to put bread on the table and pay the rent. He's never had a proper job !!! When we protested and went on strike we lost wages, once for 7 weeks without a penny. We have too many in Parliament like Jeremy. They pretend to understand the position of the working class but they haven't got a clue. Jeremy will never make PM while he has a hole in his a....................
  7. Corbyn is the most ineffective Leader of The Opposition we've ever had. The Torys have starved the country with austerity, lead us towards disaster with Brexit. ..........................and Corbyn has done nothing. He spouts about wanting a General Election, he actually thinks the country would elect him. I'm a Socialist, have been since I first voted 52 years ago but I have no confidence in the man at all. Every time the press confront him in the street he flaps about and runs away like a fool. He doesn't stand and fight, he's too old, he's 6 days younger than I am. Hes past his sell-by date just like me, but I realise it. We need a young strong brave leader. Yvette Cooper will do for starters, she's got bigger balls than Jeremy has ever had. Jeremy is a soap-box orator, nothing more. And its so sad............................
  8. Thanks for your your help. I have deleted the text. I still work the 'old fashioned way'. I don't like telephone banking and only buy online from a small number of retailers. Its an 'age' thing. The older you get the more unsure you are about things.
  9. Have just received a text message informing me that an attempt has been made to access my PayPal account. It also asks me to click on a link to contact PayPal. I don't have a PayPal account and never have had. Has anyone else had this message ??? The number it came in on was +44 7394 485321. I've Googled the number and nothing has shown up.
  10. Thanks for info. I went into Appstore and found UK Radio. All the stations I want, BBC Sheffield, LBC, Absolute.........all the variations and all free. I don't mind the ads, its a free service. It works anywhere via wi fi at home and via my data outside. Its brilliant.
  11. Thanks for your replies. I will give them a try.
  12. Is it possible for me to receive radio Sheffield on my iPhone ??? The FM/AM signal is rubbish where I live so my radio is now near useless. I only want to listen to Radio Sheffield while I have my morning coffee. All I can get on my old FM/AM radio is Heart and the other stations like it. Awful stations, awful music. Just Radio Sheffield and Radio 2 would be OK. I don't want to have to use earphones either and I will be at home within reach of my Broadband. Thank you.
  13. I started school there in 1954, Mrs Temperton was my teacher.
  14. I just love UKIP. They are digging a huge hole for themselves....................give them a bigger spade.
  15. I don't hug, shake hands or meet anyone socially. A few years ago I realised I hated it all so decided to ignore anything or anyone I didn't like. I avoid weddings, parties and quite a lot of family members. New Year parties made me realise why I hated it all. I have aquaintances but few friends as I found that friends expected things from me, favours and the like. I'm no longer invited anywhere so I'm much happier. I don't fear crowds of strangers, public transport is OK, so I've no problems. I don't allow anyone to pressure me into going anywhere I don't want to go. I have my immediate family, wife, kids and grandkids. They provide all the social interaction I need. Yes, I can be an antisocial bugger but only to people who try to intrude into my space.
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