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  1. Hello Pat, I am Elaine daughter of George and Edith Roebuck , I now live in Bingham near Nottingham, my husband Tony was in the RAF and we did live in Germany for a while. George lives on the Carwood Estate and Mavis still on the Woodthorpe. Mum and dad have been gone now for over 20 years, but we still visit Mavis and George in Sheffield regularly, in fact we are spending New Year with our George. lovely to hear from you, will get in touch again and give you all our news, Elaine
  2. As an ex s.t.d. apprentice of the late 60's I remember quite clearly the colour schemes and the types of buses.Leyland Atlantean {rear engine bus} as was the Daimler.In latter years when the fleet came up for renewal,the major U.K. bus producers were asked to supply.However,a two year waiting period and an extra cost for the livery,was not acceptable to S.T.D. who went further afield to Sweden and actually ordered Volvo buses which were cheaper than Leyland ,A.E.C. and Daimler,were available within 6 months and no extra cost for the livery!The mechanics were a bit ante as they had to re-learn their trade as the new buses were a different breed to that which they were used to.Still,I think they hacked it eventually and things worked out.Just a foot note one of your correspondents remembers a "bus museum" at the bottom of Prince of Wales road? Almost a museum- it was Greenland Road bus depot where I worked!
  3. As a young woman in tne sixties, I remember Nora in pond street, I caught my bus there every day,sadly she was found dead in the bus station, natural causes, so they say.
  4. Is there anyone out there that remembers Darwins Silver Steel on Kelham Island, or The Sheffield Rolling Mills. I worked in the Darwins factory from the age of 15 and had to go down to the Rolling Mills factory daily to take paperwork etc. to the offices there. This was in the 60's. I belive that Kelham Island is now a museum. I moved away from Sheffield in 1969 after getting wed, but have relations still living there.
  5. Thanks, but the George you are writing about wasn't him, in 1954, we lived in Pitsmoor road.
  6. I remember as they were gradually demolishing the Manor,my parents lived on Fitzhubert road and across from them lived my old school mate Billy Gates.He was in the shower one night and couldn't understand why he wasn't getting any wetter!As he turned round and wiped the suds from his eyes,he spotted the shower head and copper pipe slowly disappearing through the bathroom wall to the outside.Someone was nicking his shower while he was still in it!
  7. After years of following my husband round Europe and Great Britain,we finally settled just outside Nottingham but old habits die hard and it's difficult to stop the soles of the feet itching.
  8. If anyone is really interested in the colour scheme of the ex. S.T.D. buses,and trams, there are some excellent examples of both in the Crich bus and tram museum in Derbyshire.Well worth a visit.
  9. yes mate,I moved away from Sheffield in 1968.I joined the R.A.F.I have seen Wales,Scotland and various units up and down England.It was the best move of my life.I married in 1969,got a service provided house just after and was never without a house,or wages.I paid my income tax on my wages[a conception some folk find hard to believe!]I saw 2 tours in Germany which were pretty good despite some locals efforts to make them otherwise.We had three youngsters ,who were dragged around from location to location but it definiteley broadened their minds!No inner city cliques for them!I saw 9 months in the sunny Maldive Islands free of charge,although my son was born while I was away and that was a hell of a drag.My apologies to all fervent Sheffielites,but I for one couldn't wait to get away and when I did it was magic.
  10. anyone out there remember pyebank infants from the 50's, I was Elaine Roebuck, and moved onto the Manor Estate in 1960. My parents were George and Edith , my brother George and sister Mavis.
  11. I began work as an apprentice diesel fitter at Queens Road bus depot in 1965.We had our own body shop,where all newly "certified" buses were re-painted and all the upholstery was refurbished.All the painting was done by hand and brush,including the top and bottom deck blue,red and black stripes.I'm not too sure about the Sheffield Crest,that was a guarded secret.The painted lines,around the bus,8ft wide and 30 + ft long ammounted to a lot of patience and skill which I doubt could be matched today as you couldn't see the join!76ft of red,black and blue took some doing.
  12. Hurlfield boys in the 60,s had Anson,Nelson,Beatty and rodney as their school houses.
  13. My dad Frank Martin worked at Firth Browns Tools [Hard Metal Div.] for most of his working life,national service being the exception.He spent most of his time in hard metal tools and rose to become a production controller in that department.He,like many others,was made redundant in,I can't remember when,but it was his last permanant job.
  14. I am trying to find information about my in-laws George and Edith Roebuck.They originally lived in Pitsmoor but moved to the Manor in the 60's.George worked at Stanley Tools,on the buses and latterley at Lodge Moor Hospital.Edith worked at Cocaines and her last job was also at Lodge Moor.Any info would be much appreciated.
  15. I am looking for info about my dad Frank Martin . He was an ex employee of Firth Brown Tools and a part time drummer at the Arundel Working Mans Club on City Road.I am especially intrested in his early years as I believe he had his own band in his younger days.Any help would be appreciated.
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