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  1. lol yeah right noone tells you anything except the authors of the bible, eh? dear me
  2. the roman empire never fell it took over the original christian church and transformed into the the roman catholic church
  3. isn't it midday when the sun is at the highest point? what's that got to do with mecca?
  4. bring it out in the open and it loses a lot of the danger thrill appeal and stops it being sensationalised didn't know it was weed smokin day? who called that one?
  5. i thought this was gonna be a thread about the merits of mediaeval pre-plate armour, not about chain emails
  6. points well made as per, mel - glad to see ur still on form cannabis use can trigger latent psychosis - most people haven't got latent psychosis it has been shown in studies to have most negative effect on people who use it when their personality is still forming, eg teenagers & youngsters life has risks, it's a rollercoaster ride
  7. what music does the 18 year old to be like?
  8. get an mp3 player made by a different manufacturer then, instead of an apple ipod
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