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  1. DADDIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Daddio my ar*e all I am looking for is a quietish place with good food! LIke all bar one USED to be....no weatherspoons please,,,,,,I am a snob!!!
  2. I used to live in sheffield (16 years) and now m in North wales.. I come to sheffield regulary to see mates..and usually go to my old watering place all bar one...... need to find a nice bar in which YOU CAN TALK..... i LOVE ALL BAR ONE BUT i THINK IT'S GONE OFF.... any ideas????
  3. too many to mention......... "everything but the bloodhounds snapping at her rear end" all about eve "panties, what else do I need?" Poseidon Adventure "Time to die" Blade Runner Youre only supposed to blow the bloody doors off" Italian Job into the mud slime queen" the man with two brains
  4. I think their camp voices are incidental......a bit like yours is.......your voice is not the person....
  5. humm 2 hours only.....used to live in hillsborough...and I still didnt go to hagg hill!!!
  6. i am a gay and have never been..... am I boring?????
  7. I will miss her AND her pussy x
  8. Ohforgive me , I thought you were collecting or aging gays.......... (ps before the liberals start on me I am gay x)
  9. ............ tee heee.............................................................................................
  10. othing too exciting but as an ex pat I am excited as I am "coming home" next week for a night out with three old friends....... arhhhh it's good to think I will be back in good old sheff xxx
  11. don't bother with insurance......there are loads of things you just cannot claim for.. best to set up a direct debit and transfer some money every month into a savings account
  12. Now I do rather like PRIMEVAL, the ITV science fiction series which is a cross between Jurassic Park, Star Trek and Fame (the tv series). The whole thing is glossy,knee deep in CGI dinosaurs, has a very pretty cast and is , camp as Christmas! (well as camp as any dinosaur chasing caper can be). Pimeval chronicles Strange window-like "anomalies" which keep popping up all over the UK. Through these portals keep leaping an unhealthy collection of dinosaurs, which cause a bit of havoc before being disposed of by the obligatory secret Government team headed by grumpy "daddy" Professor Nick Cutter (Douglas Henshall). Also in this maverick group is Busty home office clothes horse Claudia Brown(Lucy Brown), peroxide haired Zookeeper (?) Abby Maitland (Hannah Spearritt), cute student Connor Temple (Andrew-Lee Potts) who is a hat wearing genius and gorgeous soldier Captain Becker (Ben Mansfield). More eye candy is provided by a raven haired Egyptologist (huh????)Sarah Page (Laila Rouass)... Her job appears to be to investigate ancient myths and legends involving creatures to see whether any of them can be explained by anomalies......like you do....... Yep the whole thing is a huge pile of tosh! but it is a rather entertaining one; apart from enjoying the schoolboy thrill of monsters that chase pretty people I absolutely love watching the baddie of the piece Helen Cutter (Juliet Aubrey pic) flashing her phenomenal cleavage (squeezed unbelievingly into a size 10 leather creation) to all that cares to take a peek . If Aubrey had a moustache, she would twirl it with gay abandon!, I have never seen such overacting since Faye Dunaway ran amok in Mommie Dearest!...She is wonderfully bizarre!
  13. I would reccomend welsh terriers I have had three ( and have got two at the moment) very loving, very loyal and very good with kids (especially the dogs) i have the name of a good breeder nr alfreton
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