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  1. Hello all, in need of a gardener or gardening labourer. Start next week ideally thanks Luke.
  2. That can also can be because they want to do it for them selves and have the power but if you had a consultant remembering is above a doctor then am sure u be fine no problems getting things sorted. Again disabilities aren't always visible. But I agree though we shouldn't live in a world where we should prove if we're disabled I guess people just remember what disabled means.. aka the actual meaning of the word... But the world's gone mad
  3. Obviously you didn't read what I put ..... Tis a shame.
  4. Seen as Sheffield is graded as the best steel you can have and fact we produce it I feel pretty ****** off if it was China steel! We sold off the recipe and now buying it from them it's false economy! Plus we call our self's the steel city it be pretty pointless buying it in from else were!!
  5. Yeah it's a massive no no but doesn't stop people I'm all up for protests but do it outside town hall and don't abuse people like me who just doing their job in taking the trees down for the council so your protesting in wrong place!! People got no lives !! Police should arrest the protesters!!
  6. Hello there this ain't a joke I am looking to purchase a goat hoof as I am happy to hollow it out as a present for someone this Christmas, sounds daft I know. Please help thanks everyone.
  7. very annoying if they only replace the kerbs as the pot holes have got filled and patched over now creating worse problems especially wen it snows and freezes ontop of which its patch work so its just as bad! i swear the highways let some young apprentice do the work its so shoddy!
  8. thanks stillf very useful and thank u very much arrowhead i really didnt think to use the signs and the one way signs at all :S :S
  9. There has been some road works set up and i cant find any information where they are there but i often use this road and its a big hassle of a diversion i was wondering what it maybe for as i am hoping they are re-surfacing as twice on there my tyre has blown out because of pot holes and patch work is so bad that everyone is too busy concentrating avoiding that part of the road!!! it says its there for five days but it looks as thought parts of the curb is going and new street lights :loopy::confused: Please let me know if anyone has any information? Thanks
  10. For anyones information... generally when its very clear and the pressure in the air is correct you can hear the train horns making noises and hear the steel factories now down at forge masters they have a very large roller in the mill and its where they send the malton metal through a big roller really fast now thats the sound of banging and sounds like containers clattering together, the main reason for you hear this, is because thats the sign on raining weather on the way its to do with the pressure in there air!!! Thanks
  11. its awful but have you not thought what **** were in, well like france does have alot of countryside and so does spain, why is it there coming here and why doesnt the EU aka france germany etc get there arses in gear and support aid? but no lets open our doors like were not over populated as is no jobs for most of us and more people not working makes people who is more angry and those who arent working where is the money coming from and another thing it starts thefts and etc more common and crime goes up as people havent got anything to do the country is in collapes as is, why add more issues when we have our own to deal with! P.s any of those that think this is me been racist it is not as those who are already here i dont have a issue with i just gotta ask why is it always our country having to be the one doing something cuz come on its not going to do us any favors ontop of which i do feel for those people but at the same time there needs to be another solution...
  12. have u not thought to getting him setting a little business up? Thats what i did as part time (before getting my qualifications) i started when i was fifteen just getting a little bit of work at a time and building it up as a part time job, i now 22 and i employ 6 members of staff for part time work and 3 members of staff full time and my self 6 days a week now i maybe having a member of staff leaving for another job, so i will certainly give your son a interview if he is interested in a job, its bits of ground work, taking away logs and stacking them, also occasional tree jobs aka brashing up and general labouring, also Garden maintenance and landscaping but i expect a exceptional standards for my customers i also am taking on some tender work with consists of ride on lawn mower work. Now its not all that exciting but i can offer your son a interview next week, if you can get him to email me via morthill.gardenservices@googlemail.com and send me his cv too or a little cover letter that be smashing. Thanks. Luke at Morthill garden services.
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