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  1. Is this the dam wall at KJS Aston. I know Aston very well. Both KJS and Aston Park, both good fisheries. I stopped going there because of the state of the road, it never used to bother me much but it just got worse every week.
  2. Jef51 posted #14 that the bottom pond at Carter hall as had the carp from the top pond transferred down. Just another excuse I know, maybe I'm trying to be too picky Dave, I just want a nice comfortable venue with few or no carp. If I could manage Dam Flask I'd be up there like a shot. It always surprises me that a water like the Flask is hardly fished, just too difficult for me to access. The same access trouble prevents me from fishing the Don or Rother.
  3. Yes Dave I looked at ledger lake, it's not really suitable. the water is not big, it's just too far from the car park for me.
  4. My issue with both KJS Aston and Aston Park is the access road, our car springs just isn't worth the risk. Fishing on Aston park in particular is excellent. Both fisheries are good for silver fish. Phyllis lake is said not to be a runs water IE low carp stock, that's OK by me, really not enough room for me I'm thinking my pursuit of a suitable fishery is going to be fruitless unless I travel a little further, which I'm unable to do. With the pandemic increase in our area I'm going into another self imposed lock down so fishing is a long way off at the moment. Until things settle down and folks get back to work it looks like the only business to profit from the pandemic will be fisheries.
  5. A look up there is on the cards. KJS at Aston has some pegs I can manage, Aston has been very busy. Like I said the coolers weather may keep folk home.
  6. With my wife I had a drive up to Phyllis Lake by the side of the Straight Mile, it was quite busy. I was shown photographs of the carp also the Sturgeon that comes out on a regular basis. 28lb. The pond only has 20 pegs or so, why would such a fish be in such a tiny water. There were the odd picture showing roach. When the furlough ends with the cooler temperatures I'll be up there for the roach and skimmers. It's certainly too busy in the warmer months, every peg was occupied, such a small water can never fish well with that amount of anglers. Never mind the fact that a number of fishermen use two rods making for less room. It's proving not too easy to find a suitable fishery, there are thousands of local waters that I can manage, trouble being they are far too busy.
  7. Thanks spider, I've no decided against Treeton. I had a chat with a chap called Tony who's a nice bloke and with the banks limiting the pegs I can manage plus the power boats then talk of folk swimming I think it's not for me. Apparently the water belongs to the boat club, power boats are there to stay. Like I said, not for me.
  8. Treeton looked perfect with the right stocking for me with plenty of roach and bream, it would be too tricky for me to negotiate the banks so I had to give it the knock back disappointingly. Carterhall bottom pond may work, the top pond is far too far for me to walk. I had a drive with my wife up to Phyllis lake, it's on the same road as the Straight Mile. It used to belong to the police. Now it's changed hands it's a day ticket water, The Straight Mile holds a lot of roach so that could be worth a shot. Cooler weather will see those who fill the pegs on local fisheries stay home so a bit more room will begin to open up. Both Fusion ponds and Barlow are too far from my home I'd have difficulty getting my wife to leave me there Dave in case of emergencies.
  9. Thanks everyone. I think Carterhall looks good though I have fished there, before the bottom pond was dug. I think a look at Treeton dyke may be just what I want. They are both near to home.
  10. Aston is far too busy with this furlough thing, Boris is buying votes that he'll never get. All commercials aren't to my liking with the numbers of anglers fishing them. I've spent some very busy days on both Springs and Park at Aston also Kiveton at present they are just too busy. Howbrook is very interesting and would be perfect for me if it was a little nearer home. I was after something a little more private and taxing than the mostly carp venues.
  11. Anyone please. I'm looking for club waters close to my area, I know of the commercials. I want a little more seclusion that commercials certainly don't offer. Preferably no carp. Mobility is an issue, I can get to venues close to home so long as they are flat with hardly any walking. Any help would be gratefully received.
  12. May be the farmer who's land it's on.
  13. We are wasting our time Dave. tomt310 can't be bothered to reply 😁
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