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  1. If you fancy small carp then Kiveton Waters is fishing well. 5 quid a day and fish can be caught short with simple pellets, fish average 2lb to 3lb with plenty a little bigger, up to 8lb. That's in Eves, Linda's has good Tench and silvers with Carp, Roses is the main match which holds mostly carp with loads of fish. Method or bomb and pellet or pellet short wins a lot of matches. Matches are mostly Saturdays and Sundays, all ponds are mostly pleasure mid week. Have a word with Jonny at 6am tackle he's the owner, he knows his stuff and can tell you the best pond for you and how to tackle it. Loads of easy silvers fishing in pond 4 at Aston Springs, also Crucians. Pellet or caster is a decent bait on there. Maggot will get bites from the hoard of Gudgeon, a good fish for young anglers to learn with. Caster up in the water will get Roach after Roach with Skimmers and the odd carp. Crucians are best targeted with micro pellets and expanders. Other ponds at Aston are Aston Park, and it's fishing great, not surprising the amount of fish that are loaded into the waters there. There is one particular pond that is geared for junior/new anglers, that is totally stuffed with small chub at the moment that's Alicia's, maggot or caster is the bait. Easy fishing for teaching kids with a bite every put in. The tackle shop at Aston will give you up to date information on how to get you bites on all their ponds and which peg to fish. The only bad thing with Aston is the road in, it's full of bomb hole craters that are only getting worse.
  2. Horses for courses really, I prefer to use a puller. It's good for using lighter elastics than working with a stronger grade. Lighter lines combined with smaller hooks get more bites, It all comes down to confidence. Try one top kit with a lighter elastic to see if you prefer to use hollow or solid with a puller. Cheaper alternative hollow elastics are KND.
  3. Specimen pond at Aston springs allow night fishing if booked, Aston Park also allow night fishing. Big fish in both.
  4. Night fishing is allowed at the Straight Mile fishery has night fishing. It used to be mostly carp, don't know about now. They have a facebook page, I know nothing about fb either. Best to get information from there.
  5. An acquaintance told me it was in a Sheffield stretch, he didn't know where. It was a recent capture so the one you mention in 2002 can't be the one.
  6. I've been told that the river Don has produced it's first rod caught Salmon. Can anyone confirm this.
  7. The access road at Aston has had a bit of work done, not really a resurface but it's a sight better than it was. At least it's in a better state for driving. Kiveton waters has also had a road around most of the fishery put in, if it's finished that is. That will help us less abled to reach some of the swims furthest from the car park.
  8. I don't dispute what you say. All I know is I've never come across this sort of ungracious attitude. If anyone has the idea that match men are as bad everywhere then all that's left to fish is the river Don. Kiveton waters has Skrettings in micros and larger pellets in Coppens on sale in the ticket office. Of course fishery pellets only to be used. I haven't been up yet hoping to soon, All my information is from their facebook page. The silvers lake is the one that interests me, for some reason have stocked a few stocky carp in there and small tench. I suppose that's what most anglers want. It's not what I'd prefer but when have my thoughts made a difference.
  9. Aston Park is definitely a place for you. If you chat to the chaps in the tackle shop they will definitely put you right. I can't see that anglers in general fishing anywhere would look down on novices, we have all been there when we started. Matches are fished weekends, Tuesday's and Wednesday's, if you look at Facebook you'll find all the pegs left for day tickets if these are the days you fish. Also the newly reopened Kiveton Waters, it's supposed to be fishing well. You'll always find room there. Speak to Jonny in the ticket office he's a top bloke, if you go Tuesday's or Thursday's then Trev will be there, another top bloke. Everywhere you go if you explain that you're not experienced you'll get a bit of help, don't by shy tell them.
  10. You can get all the information you need from Trev or Jonny at 6am tackle. Tel 2873070 I think it's had a bit of restocking, and have heard there are plans to allow cars to be able to drive to pegs where possible, as soon as the paths harden up.
  11. Match results on Facebook are well up to scratch. It will only get better and better.
  12. Trevs a top bloke and Johnny is a top angler. I'm expecting the fishery now to get better and better. I will be up there.
  13. I used to look forward to weekend matches when I was forced to work for a living, my claim to fame fishing the river was I never fell in Early retirement sort of put an end to my match fishing. It worked out good for me because the cash I used to spend on petrol and bait now pays for my fishing all week, that's when I can get there. I used to only fish the Tidal Trent, weekends. Now I'm unable to fish anywhere that's not level ground. I will definitely get up to Kiveton a few times.
  14. A well organised fishery lets anglers know which pegs are available for pleasure. I am with you though, I don't fish matches now. I'm lucky in that I can pick my days to fish, I rarely fish week ends if ever these days. In fact I only started to fish matches because you could never find spare pegs on the Trent years ago. Trouble is if a fishery wants to be successful then matches are a must, just the odd club match on a weekend is not enough. Match men fish through the colder months unfortunately anglers who fish for fun don't in enough numbers. Fisheries wanting to attract anglers week in week out have to cater for match anglers, after all they are the bread and butter of any successful water.
  15. It was forced to reopen, too much quality fishing to be left unguarded. I said before, the right person in charge and it would be profitable. The folk who let the lease go were nice folk but didn't really put too much effort in to it.
  16. You'll be lucky to find one that will pick up your gift. I tried to get rid of some tackle from my wife's uncle, what a ball ache that was. In the end it all went to the tip. One thing I didn't try was charity shops, perhaps a phone round to local shops may work.
  17. A good idea would be to issue a licence with the fine, paid for of course by the would be owner.
  18. That's good to hear, it's not before time. If the bailiffs are about I still haven't spotted one, even so their efforts will be appreciated by licence holders. It's not a surprise to me that all offenders were/are British. Not everything to do with poor stocks of fish in our rivers is down to immigrants.
  19. Someone else will pay the ten grand and do something with. Look at Aston Park that's a place that's well run by folk that put effort in running their fishery in a way that brings in custom. Kiveton is stuffed with fish and run properly should attract plenty of match action with good results that will bring pleasure anglers want to get in on the action. When it opened BW touted it as the next super fishery, those that held the lease were happy to have a steady carry on. The potential is there to make money by someone prepared to put the effort in.
  20. All are reasonable rules that all anglers shouldn't need to be told.
  21. I don't doubt what you say, do you think that may be a bylaw ?
  22. So long as they follow limits of size and species anyone can take fish, legally. Of course if it states that no fish to be taken away which does happens on private waters and commercials then taking fish would be wrong. Canal and river fish are fair game for folk inclined to take fish. Before crabbing anyone, not only immigrants for taking fish check the bylaws that used to alter from region to region. Not everyone taking fish are breaking the law, even if the odd angler hate the idea of what they perceive as their little pets for food. A change of very old bylaws would be the way to stop those that take fish legally. By the way I do not condone those who would take our wild fish.
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