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  1. Pigeon lofts, of course! I'm glad I asked, thank you everyone
  2. Driving along penistone road (in the daytime) you can see these hidden train carriages amongst the trees. At first I thought they were children's treehouses, all sprayed with graffiti but I think they're old train carriages. They're in the trees here: http://yays.co/:8 Does anyone know anything atall about them? It seems a bit mad!
  3. They're resurfacing down penistone road, but that's because of a huge cash injection by the newly built sainsburys at wadsley bridge. They say they'll resurface every road but.. I'll believe it when I see it. I heard a deadline once (something mad like 2030) but it all seems to have gone quiet (surprise!)
  4. Body bags for a terror attack is supposedly just an urban legend, people say the same about lots of public buildings
  5. Do any police or detectives wear capes nowadays? It would look a bit.. sherlock holmesey
  6. Can a shoe box? No but a tin can ---------- Post added 03-12-2014 at 08:48 ---------- He's for everyone of us Stand for everyone of us He'll save with a mighty hand Every man every woman Every child - with a mighty flash Flash! Okay that doesn't count but.. we sang it at school
  7. Hello, me and my brother are unicyclists in Sheffield, we have 20" nimbus and are interested in all aspects of unicycling - particularly trials and perhaps in the future, muni. If anyone knows about anything happening in sheffield, please email me at entozoon@gmail.com Id love to meet up informally with a bunch of unicyclists and go somewhere as a group, that'd be incredible. maybe we could even start a unicycle hockey team, that'd be incredible. thanks, Mike.
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