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  1. As kids in the 70s we used to fish in the dams built by Newton Chambers (never caught owt) and played on the old foundry site at Thorncliffe.
  2. I'm hoping UKIP evolve into a broad church populist national party (name change included). The future is theirs if they do.
  3. Traditional politicians have sculls an inch thick! Nothing seems to get through to them. I've voted Conservative for 35 years. Now I'd rather cut off my right hand than do that again! I don't even care if Labour gets in by default next May! I'm voting UKIP; until they become just like the others!
  4. The Sheffield Mini Tram was a serious proposal for a monorail system in the City back in the 1970s. It formed the basis for a college project I did on local transport back then. A SYPTE higher-up I interviewed, told me that they always considered buses to be the best option. Now we've got the Supertram! http://www.welovesheffield.uk/magazine/history-nostalgia/6-sheffields-aborted-monorail-plans.html
  5. Does anyone remember a police officer on the beat around the City Hall/Barkers Pool area, who wore an old fashioned cape well into the 1980s? Was he there for ceremonial purposes? Is this still the case? Or, was it just a personal uniform choice on his part?
  6. The late Barry Hines attended Ecclesfield Grammar (not within the City boundary in his day) and interviewed our class at Ecclesfield Comprehensive in 1978 when researching "Looks and Smiles".
  7. Perhaps it's for the reputation of the Force itself? The more I read about SY Police, the more I'm reminded of the Red Riding Trilogy!
  8. Anyone remember the biscuit stall? They'd sell you a bag of broken biscuits for a couple of pence.
  9. There is a video on The Star's website.
  10. Do you remember the debate about the possibility of women coal miners in the South Yorkshire Coalfield? 1980ish. Opposed at the time by both the NCB and the NUM.
  11. 1978 to 1981: Burncross to Sheffield Bridge Street (No 80 route) 7 miles, the adult fare was 14p! Bus fares were heavily subsidised by the County Council in those days.
  12. Shouldn't these people describe themselves as "Free Riders" instead of misusing the word "freedom" and abusing the name of American civil rights activists?
  13. Was Mrs Eaton the really old, grey haired teacher who looked well past retirement age? If so, she struck me as being a bit daft, but had a sense of humour.
  14. I was there from 1973 to 1978. I remember my form teacher being Mrs Bloomfield in the Lower School. I wore a red house badge; but can't remember the name of the house. There was a pupil walkout (1975 or 76, I think) over some girl being caught with a bottle of gin?! Also remember "The Hobbit" being the Lower School play one year, Mr King's bell ringers and the circular bike shed.
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