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  1. Ok thanks will use one of them, thanks
  2. Hi, im wanting to know a free download just to resize photos for a website using a mac mini. Whats the best link please? many thanks.
  3. Hi, does anyone know of any places that cut clear plastic sheets to size please?, Many thanks.
  4. could be a different ball game this time, keep a look out.
  5. Well yeah it is a lot cooler already and gloves are needed already. But when day time temps are supposed to be hardly above freezing, this will feel mild compared.
  6. Didnt know what is name was, used to give knowledge to these extreme weather events, hope hes well.
  7. Lol, yeah, mind i remember it well, that and 91! In all seriousness though, this is shaping up to be potentially the coldest we have been since 2010, has i say has to what day the snows starting, there will be more detail nearer the time. A couple of feet of snow would be more than enough! Wheres the guy who used to comment on the weather on this forum these days?
  8. Could be a big shock to the system next week, turning very cold, when the snows coming i dont know, but it looks like you will need your gloves out!
  9. Will be a big shock to the system. Im gonna get my hand warmers ready, could be lengthy cold spell. 2010 re0peat surely not?!
  10. Just say ********, good bye, and dont mess. A quick spray of criminal identifier, kick in knackers, and hit over head with something hard has you can , preferable an hammer and you will sort it all out!
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