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  1. Looking for driving lessons for my son aged 17 can anyone recommend me an instructor S4 Area thanks
  2. I know its not the battery as this has been checked out by Ford and the AA separately but thanks for the hint.. sorry I wasnt more clear.. the above issues didnt happen at the same time..
  3. Hi there folks , I have a 2008 Ford S Max Titanium X with the following problems The electronic parking brake does not disengage on the left had side The seat belt warning light and sounder is continuously ringing.. I bought the car brand new from Ford who basically are wanting a blank cheque now. They had made me buy a new caliper which did not resolve the issue.. I dont want to go down the route of fighting with ford as I'm desperate to get my car back on the road ASAP Can anyone recommend a local garage that has dealer level software or equivalent that could fix my car. As i need it daily for the school run and work and currently its just parked up. K Regards
  4. Been told 1 Fatal Slovak… RIP…. Black Skoda travelling down Barnsley Rd… took out central bollards opposite off-licence then head on with private hire going up Barnsley Rd in the opposite direction..flipped over taxi before smashing head on again into hackney carriage. travelling behind first one... Nothing much left of the Skoda.. even engine has broken loose.. debris every where ..suspension and wheels all the way down to Tesco…
  5. Looking for an independent Volvo mechanic that can change the Turbo on my XC90 2.4D does any know of any and what kindof labour cost am i looking at ? Regards
  6. remember both parties must be registered for VAT
  7. Hi there does any know any company around SY that refurbish Diamond Cut Wheel ? Thanks
  8. thanks for this piece of information.. i will be ringing his school in the morning to see if this would be acceptable.. with regards Doncaster.. i think posters are missing the point... my son is still at FT school.. i can not get to the Doncaster school in time for their lessons as this is a school also... and or their extra study lessons.. hence why i posted my initial question in the first place..
  9. do you know of any centres in Sheffield that would take him on ?
  10. no i dont think your comment was helpful as you was asking me to travel to doncaster with my Son to another school .. which just isnt practicable.. and one of my options is to resit his Science GCSE at another centre... tbh all the schools in Sheffield we have approached have been very helpful.. the only problem has been this ISA which they cant allow him to do for HSE issues under Insurance.. i dont believe he is under any pressure this Yr.. as he is only sitting 5 GCSEs now since he has now passed several already... we have spoken to him at length.. and joining his friends at sixth form is something he wants to do... and he wants to continue doing Science
  11. yes because he is still at school so if i can find a local centre it would be alot easier as ideally i would like him to sit in with the full class during some lessons or atleast go to the additional practice lessons that are normally done after school. Which would NOT be practicable if this was in doncaster..
  12. Yes the school is High Storrs... As previously mentioned i have already spoken to the head and its a simple policy they dont offer resits.. i have come up with suggestions on allowing him to sit the ISA at school but to sit the exam at Silverdale but again they wont allow this... i had asked the question of having him sit the GCSE next year at a college and allow him to enter on to the A Level, again this was knocked back... the teachers seem understanding and the head has explain if he allows my son to do a resit they would have a queue of pupils asking the same... off the grapevine i had been told there is a school in doncaster that will allow him to sit the ISA and exam but its too far.. its been explained to me that silverdale cant allow him to sit the ISA purely down to insurance for my son. and i dont want to fight the school this late in the day so really just looking for a centre that he can sit both exams.... anyone ??
  13. thank you previous posters for your replies.... as explained my son was in set 2 out of 10 so should had been a high achiever in this subject. he has insisted to us that he didnt do well as he lost his confidence he didnt get along with the teacher who themselves doesn't work there anymore i have spoken to his other teachers and currently he is obtaining high grades in all his other subjects.. i also have had several conversations with the head of faculty for science who seems very helpful the only stumbling block is that the school has a policy of no resits endof... hence i am desperate to find somewhere before this academic year ends
  14. His school doesn't allow resists , I have offered to pay but they have declined. If anyone knows of a school or centre locally in Sheffield that allow students under 16 please tell me ... Regards
  15. Hi can someone help me please ? is there a school in Sheffield that will allow my son to do a resit in GCSE Additional Science and also allow him to redo his ISA. I have found a couple of schools that will allow him redo the exam but not the controlled assessment which i would like him to redo as he got a low mark in this. He is 15 and did this exam last year,his grade was a "C" which wont allow him to take an A Level in this subject up at his preferred school. He was in the 2nd highest class in Science out of 10 but just didnt perform over the exam periods. I have also spoken to the head of his school and tbh hitting a brick wall. Kind Regards
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