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  1. Spare ground on Rock Street was known to the local kids as The bomb
  2. My mother-in-law Mrs Bourne worked as office cleaner there
  3. As you seem to know a bit about storage heaters have you any idea why mine will not turn down from high.It does not turn down whatever setting it is on
  4. I have had 5 Muslim families who live close by offer me help in obtaining food etc during the current crisis.Definitely we are all together at this time
  5. My wife's family lived on Adelphi Street next to the pub.They were called Bourne and they moved to Summer Street 1960
  6. I was there from 1955-60.Pop Naylor was still a teacher there
  7. Because of the parking problems around that area people resort to painting no parking signs on the roads and even putting cones outside their homes
  8. Remember Brelsfords on March Street.Next to Coleridge Road School
  9. Cornyn has,one thing going for him BoJo is bound to make silly remarks during the campaign
  10. Clumsy and crude answers from a Prime minister who is supposed to be the great orator
  11. No but lived quite close on Makin Road and had plenty of friends round there
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