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  1. Can anyone remember the name of the jewellers in Tudor Square at the Norfolk Street end?
  2. Many thanks to all who replied to my query re bookshop on West Street and it was definitely Hartley Seed.
  3. Can anyone remember the name of the quite largr bookshop on West Street? I Think it was maybe opposite where Nando's restaurant now is.
  4. I went to the City Grammar School when it was off Leopold Street in town. We had 'houses' there and were called Maori-Loxley [which i was in ] Kaffir- Sheaf and Zulu- Rivelin.
  5. To anybody, but particularly Jon, the whale did exist as my husband He remembers seeing it. The whale was on a long trailer and possibly situated between the old Travellers pub and Milletts army stores.
  6. Hello Hazelmay, I went to CGS 1952-1957. i started off in Mrs Rignall's class and finished in Mr Johnson's class.I remember a lot of the teachers that you mentioned, some with happy memories, some not so happy!! It's good to be reminded of those days,which, for me, were mostly happy. I hope they were for you too. Mr McPherson, who did marry Betty Thorald, Mr Etchells, Hum, Callister, Parsons, headmasters, both Davies and Harvatt, etc etc!! Also female teachers, Miss Davy, Hutchinson, Foster etc etc!! Lovely to reminisce and although I haven't been on this site for a while, I will try and keep a look out in future for replies to your initial letter. With kind regards.
  7. Many thanks to all who replied to my Bedtimre drinks query. Can't be sure if Milo isn't the answer, but still have a feeling there was another one. Coulr be wrong though!!
  8. Does anyone remember the name of a bedtime drink,similar to Ovaltine etc which was around in the 50s 660s etc but not now made?
  9. Does anyone know anywhere in Sheffield interested in buying children's paper back books in very good condition or Sheffield Wednesday programmes?
  10. Can anyone recommend a reliable art valuer who would look at an old painting and maybe value it?
  11. Can anybody tell me where I can get a copy from of Desiderata ? I've tried bookshops etc but no luck. I need it urgently during this week for a present. Thanks in anticipation! This is the reading starting 'Go placidly amidst the noise and haste......
  12. Replying to Bazza63, my husband and I used to take our young daughters to Beaty's at Saturday lunchtimes , after we closed our shop. The girls loved it, especially when Beaty used to laugh and ask them if they wanted tweacle sponge for afters!! Beaty and Joe were lovely people, who, along with serving up excellent food, always made people feel welcome. It's such a pity that there don't seem to be these special little cafes around nowadays.
  13. Reading the Butlers and Joe's thread and a posting by Jaffa 1 re the probalbe death of Joe; I saw his death announced in the 'Star' a few weeks ago and I believe he was in his early 80s. ---------- Post added 28-06-2015 at 19:49 ---------- Sorry about last posting. I hadn't seen that Joe's death had already been written about.
  14. Replying to the thread from Lazarus re old cinemas; the description of the 'gods' at the Hippodrome as like ' sitting on a rock face', made me laugh out loud!! I have never heard them so aptly described! My long ago cinemas were all in the Walkley, Crookes and Upperthorpe ares. Walkley Palladium, Crookes Palace(or could have been Cinema) and Oxford, Upperthorpe, Oh heady days!!!. Just remembered, The Scala.
  15. Can anyone recommend a good seamstress in the Hillsborough or Walkley areas?
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