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  1. Reading a thread about the ABC cinema got me reminiscing. The coffee shop there was a regular place for us to meet up back in the day. Almost like Cole's corner - remember that? Does anyone remember the Coliseum Cinema on Spital Hill? Living in Pitsmoor as a child, that was our cinema of choice. Later as teenagers we always went to town, where there were lots to choose from, so we could see movies several nights a week. You got your money's worth in those days. It was a whole evening's entertainment , with two movies - the A and the B - a cartoon and the newsreel. These days you are in and out in an hour and a half usually, and it's hard to find something of interest to seniors.
  2. I rented this place about 5 years ago, when we visited from Canada with our children and grandchildren. We were coming to see my elderly parents who live in Sheffield. We celebrated my father's 90 birthday at this lovely old pub. It had been renovated very nicely with up-to-date bathrooms and kitchen but still retaining a lot of the old features. We were 8 adults and 4 children and had plenty of room. The grandkids really enjoyed the hot tub outside and going for walks in the countryside around. We used it as a base for day trips around Yorkshire and Derbyshire. So many interesting and historic places to visit. I still miss this about England, even after 40 years overseas.
  3. We always said scopididdle. When my sister was nursing on the south coast she was teased unmercifully about the expression "running around like a scopididdle" They even put up a sign saying "No scopididdles allowed" in the ward. I'll have to try using it here in Canada.
  4. I have noticed that too. I do remember Mrs. Chester-Jones but not as clearly as you do. I was at City Grammar from the late fifties into the early sixties. Mr. Harvatt was the Headmaster then. Some of the teachers I recall are Mr. MacPherson, Miss Thorold, Mr. Parsons, Mr. Hum & Mr. Fuller. There is an alumni website called Omnes Amici, with photos etc.
  5. No problem lilaclover. Glad to know someone remembers the old City Grammar. I bet some of my teachers were there in 1952. Was Mr. Harvatt the Head then? Mr. Taylor must have been there, as well as Miss Davies, Miss Cole, Miss Thorold and Mr. Hum. Probably lots more. Good memories.
  6. Yes, I was in the 5th. form that year. Mr. Fuller was our class teacher. There is a class photo on the omnesamici website.
  7. Hi Texas, I have been reading this old thread with interest. My Grandfather was an engine driver on the steam trains and later on diesels. His name was William Henry Wyatt (known to some as Bill and others as Harry). As you worked on the railways I wonder if you knew him.
  8. Hi Slats, I used to live on Butterthwaite Road too. We moved there around 1956 when I was eleven and lived there up until 1967. Our garden backed onto the fields. Someone kept horses there and one day one of them came up our garden path, through the passage and galloped off down the road. I also remember goats kept there too and they too came into our garden on occasions. My friend Linda and I used to go down the gennel into Ecclesfield and on to the park on summer evenings. Once a year, a fair would set up in the park with rides and penny slots. Who remembers Mrs. Greaves wool shop at the end of the gennel?
  9. Me too or "snap" as we used to say. I came to London, Ontario in November 1974 and have lived here ever since. I have never regretted the move, but I still love Sheffield. I get to come back every year as my sister and parents are there.
  10. Although I left City Grammar around 1962, when it was still on Leopold Street, I see that most of the same teachers were still there at Stradbroke in later years. We had Mr. McPherson as our form teacher one year. We girls thought he was very goodlooking and were shocked when he married Miss Thorold. She had grey hair so she looked older but probably wasn't. Mr. Fuller was the french teacher then and had an artificial leg. It sounded like metal when he bumped it against the desks in the front row. I also remember Mr. Parsons who took us for Latin. He alway had frayed shirtsleeves and missing buttons and we felt sorry for him as it was rumoured that his wife was disabled. Nowadays we would expect him to sew on his own buttons of course. He told us about ancient Rome and the ruins of Pompei. He said there was a mosiac in one of the doorways of a dog and the words "Cave Canum" or beware of the dog. About 40 years later, when I visited Pompei, I remembered that and asked the guide to show me it - which he did. Your post brought back lots of memories.
  11. My Mom, Doreen May, used to work at Greenstreets Chemist from probably the late 50's and all through the 60's. Anyone remember her?
  12. Hi Steven, My maiden name was indeed Hazel May and I did attend The City Grammar school. (Actually my legal first name is Dorothy, but I have been known as Hazel all my life). I am aged 65 and left Sheffield in 1974 to come to Canada, so if you are looking for your birth mother, I'm afraid I'm not the one. My nephew has been working on our family tree for some time, so if we can help in any way, let me know.
  13. I agree, it's not necessarily Sheffield itself we miss, it's the times gone by and the things we did then. I left in 1974 but still visit regularly, especially in the last few years. I love the surrounding countryside, the moors, the little villages and the old Pubs, all just a short drive out of town - that's what I miss. As a visitor, I must say I really like Sheffield as it is today. I enjoy shopping downtown, which still has lots of great shops, and having afternoon tea at Marks & Sparks. I go with my parents to walk in the Botanical Gardens on a sunny day and have an icecream. I talk to people at bus stops and they are so friendly. I browse the charity shops at Broomhill for old books or tinkets. I have happy memories of Sheffield in the 60's when I was a teenager - the dances, the coffee bars, the clothes - it was a great time to be young.
  14. That brings back a memory. In about 1981, my daughter and I were visiting England and my Mother saw a last minute ad. in the Star for a four day trip to Paris, so we all went. I think it was by Law Brothers. We stayed at the Ibis in Monmartre, near the old cemetery - which was fascinating. On the way back, the driver asked if we wanted to stop at Chez Johnny. Many people on the coach seemed to know Johnny's and so we stopped there for a meal. He also sold wine at a pound per bottle and almost genuine name-brand perfumes. Johnny seemed a nice guy, with a Cockney accent I think. We often had a laugh about Chez Johnny's over the years.
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