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  1. Anyone know anything about the Netheredge developments? Any pics other than the ones Ive googled would help.
  2. Hi Where abouts are you Graham? Im looking for an office/shop. I have my eye on one and it would be even cheaper if we shared. It would probably need to compliment what I do. The office I am looking at isnt in the centre of town though. PM me please.
  3. St John Fisher - Catholic School. All my 3 went there, plus my nieces nephews. Strong community ethics. Nice little school which has moved along with the times very well! :)
  4. Im a designer, and have just started out designing bespoke easels/stands and wedding plans, wish trees, favours boxes for weddings. I think its a niche, as its not been done before, but I am unsure where/how/ when to market it. Ive done one wedding fayre, had loads of enqs but only one booking. Anyone in the trade offering advice and help would be good - thanks!
  5. SResidential... Can you tell me or offer advice on how to approach property companies - estate agents, construction, new builds et etc about offering my skills as an interior stylist?Ive observed various properties, show homes etc and can honestly say I can do a better job! And probably for half the price! Im qualified in interior design, but have been forced to sell furniture online because I cant get the work in. Any advice would help!
  6. If they are so bad, why would I have them in my house? As I designer, I look for quality and long lasting products with style..maybe you have not looked at the right ines at Homebase!
  7. Hi - Im an interior stylist/designer When I did my kitchen 5 years ago, I designed the kitchen plan myself, got the units from Homebase in the sale (white gloss - it doesnt age & always looks clean) the worktop form a little joinery shop at Woodhouse, cant recall the name, but I can find out for you if you like? I got the cupboard handles from ebay. My advice is - shop around, dont get everything from one place. And get a few quotes from fitters. Current trend colours are greys and neautrals. Hope this helps
  8. I used to live on the same road as your family. I remember your Dad, always had a smile and a 'hello' Its has quite saddened me as it took me back to my childhood when I didnt have a care in the world and had both my lovely parents. He was a really nice man. Condolences at this sad time.. Patricia x
  9. Anyone help? I have a two seater leather sofa. It was £1,000 new 5 years ago. The seats have gone on it. I know the council take sofas away - but its costs £35 I think.. I think it would be some use to someone, but I really need it picking up. And soon! Got another one arriving! Obviously, I would prefer something for it.. as I do think its repairable. But if I cannot sell it, Id just like to get rid. Any one offer any ideas? Thanks!
  10. Check out Birley Chiropractic Clinic on Birley Spa Lane Adam does sports massage. Theres an offer in Image magazine at the mo.
  11. My Ford Ka has a an alloy which has a split in it - i ran over a hole and it cracked! Is it cheaper to mend or buy another one? and where do I go for either? Ive tried to bid on ebay but get pipped to the post each time. I would just like to be able to take my car somewhere and them fit a new one or mend the old one and put it back on for me. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  12. Nick at Birley Chiropractic Clinic - hes young - but very good! Could relate well to a young lad. Not sure of the phone number, but its on Hackenthorpe shops - next to the Spar.
  13. Try Amusement Caterers Ltd They are family owned and a fare price. ask for Dave 0114 2349808
  14. I would def use the council! Ive got wasps in my pampass grass plant which I didnt realise I had until I decided to trim the plant down. I received around 8 or 10 stings! And they do hurt! As I have children and babies visiting, Im not taking any chances! Just phoned the council and its £48, unless youre on benefits. Cant visit until Thursday though, which is the down side. Meanwhile I have to keep all my windows and doors shut contact number is: 0114 2037410
  15. Ive read with interest the posts in response, and thought I would put my pennyworth in! Im an interior designer and stylist. Im used to working to a clients budget - often very limited in this recession! Basically, if its quality, craftmanship and how long you want your item to last - then its Ponsfords if you can afford it. Ive been in there many times, their items are bought in from abroad, mainly of Italian sourcing, hence you will get a bespoke piece of furniture. This reflects the price. If it is a quick purchase, contemporary look youre after and dont mind that the bottom will fall out of a drawer in 18 months or the seat in your sofa will fall in, then its Ikea. This is ok if you want to simply dress a flat for rental for example. So, I guess the moral of the story is simple - you get what you pay for. If money was no object with me I would visit Ponsfords every time! I do however, think their designers are overated and aimed at targeting the 'money people' - footballers and the like. This is probably how they make the most money. When all they have to do is shop around for independant people like me. They probably dont realise they an get the same service but cheaper elsewhere! On saying all this, its an old family company, and the cuppa and cakes in the cafe area are very nice Hope this all makes sense!
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