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  1. I used to go to Josephines in the 80s , loved it to pieces
  2. Mine was to Ibiza , had a fab time , it was 1977
  3. Well I for one am a Royalist & don't care who knows .Yes , I agree I don't like the hangers on , they are a waste of space , but I think the main Royals are brilliant . I cant think of anything worse than having a damn president , who would you choose for a start ? . No , leave the Royals alone , they are what makes our Country what it is .
  4. Cheers folks , different views , I am on Lenovo Lap Top , so not sure . Think I will stick with what I have got .
  5. Has anyone got Windows 10 ? . It keeps flashing up on my lap top . Have heard that after a while , you have to start paying for certain stuff . Just wondered if anyone else has got it & what it is like . Cheers
  6. Shogun , I live in Bradford & yes for some reason they have painted out the sign but the + 1 lane still exists , people use it all the time . Saw loads the other day while driving to Sheffield
  7. Poor guy , the OP ,obviously was at the back of the class wearing a blindfold when they were giving out people skills because he has zero amount . Time to go back to school & get some because it sounds like he needs to learn how to get on with folk & stop being such a child
  8. The Doctors do work weekends , as someone said , not as many , but they do . We always have a Consultant on for the weekend , then a SPR , SHO & A FY1 . Yes the FY1 , is busy at weekends and they have to prioritise their work load & we as Nurses help out with things we can do & that is taking blood , inserting venflons , things we are trained to do . Its not ideal but we have to just learn to adjust in this day & age & work as a team
  9. As a Nurse , I would never strike , my conscience wouldn't let me at all . I love my patients too much & I don't think Doctors would come out on strike either , by doing so , they too are putting patients at risk . Unless , they are off duty at the time , then it is up to them what they do
  10. Did these really happen ? . I think if it did , its disgusting , but where did the original poster find that out . We should have respect for our armed forces , but can I ask , what was he doing in uniform ? . Had he just come back to the country ?
  11. oh no , I cant believe it , will I ever get over this , Facebook has gone down on my laptop , what am I going to do now . Get a life I hear you say , but No , I don't want to , not yet , will I go insane , probably , but I just don't believe it . Oh well , never mind .
  12. Hi peeps , I am having trouble hearing music on my groups on Facebook , any ideas ? ..My speakers are 100% , so should be hearing , I can hear on You Tube , so whats going on ?
  13. Oh cheers folks , I did down load AVG , which I think was the free version & that's what I have got going at moment , so hopefully it may be OK ,once the time runs out . So , it should just stay on the free version then .
  14. Hi , folks , I want free protection for my Lap Top . I am with AVG at moment , & it is free for now , but it expires in 9 days & looks like I will have to pay to extend . This is the same for some others I have been with , are any totally free , Thanks xx
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