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Working Abroad

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what does everyone think to the idea of working abroad?


I'm thinking of going out to Ayia napa in Cyprus next year to work the summer season but was wondering how to find legit accomadation. The last thing id want is a dodgey landlord!

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Your most likely going to be living in somewhere pretty bad. There are loads of people who go over looking for work. Most come back early, having run out of money.


I have done it a few times and it can be fun, but don't expect a 6 month holiday because it's not going to happen like that. Expect it to be stressful and the work hard for little money. If it works out better than that class yourself as lucky :)


First thing is decide what you want to do. There are a number of jobs you can get.


Obvious one is bar work. It can be hard to find depending on where you go.


Ticketing, flyering or promotions. There is very little money in this, but it's what lot's of people end up doing. It could involve selling tickets for big clubs or trying to coax ****** up lads in to a bar. What ever it is the money won't be great. Sometimes they will sort out your accommodation, but it will never be great.


Dancer / Entertainer. If you have the talents this can pay pretty well. But they are again hard to find.


Your best bet what ever you choose to look for is to get their early in the season. This i when most jobs are available and you can find the better ones. I don't know Cyprus, but i have worked in Ibiza. Contrary to the previous post Ibiza is a beautiful place. The Ibiza uncovered side is not, but those people have no idea what Ibiza actually is. Anyway in Ibiza there is a pub called The Ship. It's an un-official job center for the English population. I am sure there is something similar in Ayia Nappa.


Also http://www.ibizaHQ.com is a great source for finding work before you go out there. Try and find something similar for Ayai Nappa.

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