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  1. Ey up. I cannot tell you boys what the xxx stands for....you'll just have to use your imagination. ( Actually it was the first letter i typed 3 times for it to allow me to register!) Sorry to put a dampener on things. Do you work at Takapuna's then Bouncerman?
  2. what does everyone think to the idea of working abroad? I'm thinking of going out to Ayia napa in Cyprus next year to work the summer season but was wondering how to find legit accomadation. The last thing id want is a dodgey landlord!
  3. Your a life saver your givin me loads of ideas! Maybe i will be a driver, maybe i wont, wish me luck i've got my test the day before i meet him so maybe (fingers crossed) if i pass his car can be the first i rag!
  4. Hey he's lovely and he sounds really cheeky! - i like that. Yeah i was thinkin of Takapuna's, day time???
  5. Hiya, Just wondering if you can help me..... I've just come back from Cyprus and a lad i met out there (who lives down south) has decided he's coming to see me on Saturday 12th July, now trust me this is good news seen as he's hung like a donkey, but apart from locking him in the hotel room and showing him a good time, where can i take him to show him the decent side of sheffield? Any serious suggestions please.... Maria
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