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What Identifies A 'Service Industry'?

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A friend has a street-level premises, a till, and will sell you an unaltered item that has been purchased at a wholesale price.

Also offered is a repair service for electrical items, although they wouldn't be regarded as "essential".

They insist that as they are a "service industry", they will not be obliged to close for a month from November 5. 


Right or wrong?









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Right. And wrong. I think. Michael Gove seems to get it wrong as well.


Anyway. I'm pretty sure unless the goods theyre selling are "essential" they can't sell it, but can offer a click and collect service ie nobody in the shop. The repair thing is trickier again, nobody really repairs anything! Click and collect might be OK, and pretty sure they could repair said thing in somebody's house - British are still fixing boilers and stuff.


But please note the word "pretty" is doing some heavy lifting in this post.

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A proverbial "grey area", then.

They won't be offering a click/collect service - they're not that organised. However, the staff that might be repairing your hair drier/kettle/radio are in an open-plan area that also houses the shelving with their retail stock. It's getting a tad close to the old Irish pub joke "No, we can't serve you because we're not open yet . Would you like a drink while you're waiting?"!




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