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Amputee Cemetery Sheffield

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I have been conducting some investigating into local cemeteries and graveyards in Sheffield. I came across an article by the BBC on a Sheffield cemetery for amputated limbs. Does anyone know where it is? Apparently it is the only one of its kind in Sheffield. Any  information  is appreciated. 

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There is a plaque on the church, which is no longer used, in Burngreave Cemetery thanking people who have donated their bodies for research.  I was told the remains of their bodies use to be buried there but this happened many years ago so I suppose it’s not much help to you.


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8 minutes ago, gaz 786 said:

God bless this is a morbid thread.... 

I’m about to make it more morbid, so don’t read my next post.

7 hours ago, mrm65 said:

There is an area at Grenoside Crematorium reserved for those bodies left for research, its down the bank at the bottom side.

Well that’s new to me, I didn’t know that and I use to live near to the crematorium for a number of years.  I can remember getting a letter through my door when I lived in the area to try and stop Grenoside Crematorium from being built. 

On the letter it said it would bring the price of property down and you would be able to smell when the bodies were being cremated.  

I didn’t sign the protest letter, it didn’t affect the price of property and there was no smell either.  If anything it made an improvement to the area. 



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