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  1. As for standards of programs on any channel nowadays they are mostly rubbish in my view; I've no time for soaps, reality programs, comedy (?) and few game shows are worth watching. But the BBC does politics well, current affairs, history and some decent drama. Then there's the Parliament channel. The BBC has also come up with the goods for home-schooling now the government have realized yet another catastophic blunder. To those of you who are indifferent to, or resent paying for the BBC, you don't know what you got until you lose it!
  2. If we lose the BBC we will live to regret it. Where else do you get unbiased political coverage????? Or is that a conspiracy theory?
  3. Hi Suz Have you had a response to your email to the group?
  4. What? This Government? You are 'aving a larf!!!! I have seen a TV ad for Peoples' energy; owned by the people and not for profit. Does anyone know who is behind this and is it for real?
  5. As there are no longer any banks in Penistone and the lone building society is being considered for closure, the Post Office is the only means of putting money in the bank without a trip to Barnsley. Privatization of Royal Mail was the death knell of the village post office, although many had disappeared beforehand. Its another case of 'if doesn't make a profit shut it' irrespective of the social impact.
  6. Same applied with still-born babies, they were simply taken away and buried in unmarked areas. There is one at Thurnscoe Cemetery which now has a memorial stone to mark the site thanks to the Dearne Memorial Group.
  7. Runningman got it right, there's a Beatles song for every mood you're likely to get in. If there has to be one its You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) B side of Let It Be. I guess even that fits some moods I get in!
  8. Thanks for these sadbrewer, I haven't seen them before despite extensive research over the years. The Sheffield Independent cutting from August 1916 pictures all of the Pridmore brothers. W.T. should be J.T. for John Thomas, my great grand father. He and Arthur Edward, both of 2nd Btn KOYLI, were killed within four days of each other in October 1914; they had served together in the Boer War. Albert died of his wounds at Bradford Hospital and is buried at Burngreave Cemetery. George Harry Pridmore was gazetted to Lieutenant and returned to the Front after officer training in Scotland. Sadly he too was killed in August 1918 on the Cambrai Road. I know of no other family to lose four or more brothers in Sheffield during either of the world wars. I would have hoped that this be recognized by the civil authorities but no. I don't think G Pridmore, despite being in KOYLI, is related. Thanks again for the cuttings, they will be added to my collection.
  9. Hi Duffems I too am searching for death plaques for three of the four Pridmore brothers killed in WWI; the fourth was my great grandfather. John Thomas, and I have his along with his medals. He should have a South Africa medal too as he and one of his brothers, Arthur, served in the Boer War, but this is absent. You mention 'trawling' through ebay listings but you can save a search and receive an email advising of any relevant new listing as I have done. Simply save a search for 'death penny Norton' and should one be listed with that name you will be informed by email. Good luck with your search and should anyone out there be aware of any Pridmore plaques or medals please let me know.
  10. Thanks for the update sadbrewer and thanks to smary we have a possible lead to J W Shaw's descendants.
  11. Thanks sadbrewer, research on the son may find further info.
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