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  1. Yes but no need to honk anything, someone would be alert to your custom and appreciate it! No, I'm a biker!
  2. Yes, very really! Not only did he have to fill the car himself, there was no-one there to take his money, only a machine that he could only use a card with. Very much no service in my book! As for 'pre-authorisation' what nonsense; payment in cash is all the authorisation anyone needs!
  3. Another classic case of self-service being no service, a point I have made in another thread on IT taking us down a road we don't want to go down: cashless society, computer generated letters, faceless utility companies, online only communication. Not the society I want to belong to but forced into being part of!!!! I simply won't use self service tills or petrol pumps until a time when that's all there is, and it will come!
  4. That wouldn't have changed the direction that football was heading in. I am no longer a football fan!
  5. The last football match I went to watch and pay entry to was Tony Currie's testimonial at Bramall Lane. I stopped going to football as I couldn't support the way it was being taken over by big business. Since then I have even stopped watching what there is of it on the telly, even England games. Football is no longer a competitive sport, it has been taken over by the greediest of capitalists whose only interest in the working man (the fans) is how much they can screw them for. This latest move was a predictable further step along the road to the ruination of the game and as others have pointed out, it is only the fans that can change things by doing what I did; stop contributing!
  6. Prince Phillip officially opened the Tinsley Park Steel Works in 1963. When the multi-union committee fighting its closure in 1985 wrote to him for support, it received a reply wishing it well. Naturally he couldn't get involved in the politics of the closure but it said a lot that he bothered to respond. Being a Republican I have no further comment to make other than his passing is a sad loss for his family.
  7. I thought bus services were currently run by so-called Voluntary Bus Partnerships consisting of local authorities, service providers and the PTE. The problem with this is that they are dominated by the service providers in that they will only provide the services that makes them money, the exception being subsidised routes, which they show little interest in due to lack of profits. Take the profit motive out of the equation and we might just get a public transport system that meets the needs of society and encourages people out of their cars and onto buses. The current modus operandi does the complete opposite. Whatever we think of politicians, it is only they that can make the changes.
  8. 'He knew the precise psychological moment when to say nothing.' Oscar Wilde
  9. apelike, thank you for the lesson in Parliamentary procedures but I don't need one; Bill? Legislation? Semantics. The 'Bill' was introduced to Parliament on 9 March 2021. As for its contents and what it will mean I suggest you read the Commons Library Research Briefing: https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/research-briefings/cbp-9158/
  10. So why did the government choose the middle of a pandemic to introduce legislation that would obviously arouse protest? Doesn't take much working out does it?
  11. I relisted an item yesterday with one click, nothing changed there yet.
  12. Another thought; why has the government introduced this legislation in the midst of a pandemic? Many of you have argued that the protests breach the lockdown regulations. Was the timing purely for that reason?
  13. Since the apprenticeships have disappeared, there are less tradesmen (electrician, plumber, gas fitter) than there used to be. Consequently, all who are qualified and keep up with the regulations tend to work for themselves as they can earn much more than being employed by somebody else, especially councils, who often outsource services of private companies; supply and demand dictating the price and earnings!
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