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  1. Try British Police History, I have used this organisation for my research in the past: admin@british-police-history.uk
  2. All the more reason to re-nationalise them!
  3. I used to have one before I got them free!!!!!!!!! The £9 per month is paid in advance for the year, and not everyone has £108 to lay out. I still say ALL prescriptions should be free, like in Scotland! And I do know what I'm talking about, thank you very much!
  4. The £9 (+) that you mention is for one item. Many people have multiple repeat prescriptions that can add up to a lot of money. A previous poster suggested that free for all prescriptions would lead to more prescriptions being issued and more medication wasted. I thought prescriptions were issued by doctors for clinical reasons, so I don't get that argument. Free prescriptions, like elsewhere in the UK, would ensure everyone gets the medication they need irrespective of whether they can afford to pay for them!
  5. Carnt speek proppa inglish!
  6. Why not go the whole hog - do away with the NHS (it is a socialist policy after all), all welfare benefits and bring back the workhouse!
  7. It is not relevant to your argument! Sugar Daddies? Just where did they get their sugar? Yep! As I said at the start of this thread 'going backwards'!
  8. Don't see the point in your last question, I am complaining about the fact that we are regressing our social wellbeing. The vast increase in wealth that has been generated by the people of this country over recent decades has been distributed unequally and unfairly to the benefit of those who need it the least: the rich! People should be paid more, work less hours, have more leisure time, free prescriptions, free dental checkups, free education and retire earlier with better pensions. All can be achieved with a fairer distribution of the nation's wealth. Oh! and like everyone else, I have no control over my life expectancy. Rate of pensions and NI are not relevant, my case is that there should be a fairer distribution of the nation's wealth, which would pay for a lot more that maintaining the triple lock!
  9. And I thought I was paying National Insurance all those years for my pension!
  10. I'm sure there are some nice billionaires; some are philanthropists. It's the way they get their billions, avoid taxes wherever possible and use a system that keeps those at the bottom of the economic ladder in their place that I don't like. Oh! and the fact that their obscene wealth, merely sat in their bank accounts and which they can never spend, could be used for the social good! Do you really think increasing the pension age is progressive ? There are many people who never reach pension age for many reasons, I would guess most of them live in deprived areas and are poor. There is a parallel of social poverty and ill-health that inevitably leads to inequality in longevity. Statistically, the rich live longer than the poor. All would have 'more years to enjoy' if the pension age was lower, not higher! This country is wealthy enough to reduce pension age, pay workers more, let them work less hours and give them more paid holidays; in essence, give them a fairer share of the country's wealth that they actually produce by their labour!
  11. I very often wish I did! So because we are living longer and more healthy lives, we should work longer to stuff more cash into billionaires bank accounts! Having the choice to work longer is one thing, but being forced to is another, and as I said previously, we are going backwards and people like you can't see it!
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