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Well done Chris Wilder, Billy Sharp and Oli Norwood, EFL Team of the year

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Genuinely could have been any of our boy Chrissy, Bielsa and Farke for the gaffer of the year on paper, but I would like to think that Wilder received it on merit. The other two clubs have spent a bit and as established Championship teams, they have had plenty of time to sort themselves our and build for contention. Wilder on the other hand, he's brought us up to this league and he's built a solid team on spit, sawdust and canny signings. Granted the Brooks money has come in useful in facilitating the signings of the likes of Egan and Norwood,  but the gaffers perseverance with certain players and his ability to create a proper "unit", I think is the key ingredient behind our successes thus far. 


Billy Sharp is Billy Sharp, time after time people are warned not to write this lad off. He loves United and every time he wears the shirt, he does so with two things in mind!... To score.... and to win!. You won't ever get less than 100% with Billy and if you put the ball in the right place, 9 times out of 10 he WILL he the target and likewise WILL score goals. A few might frown at the lengthened contract extension this week? Not me.....He still has a massive part to play at this club and when he is done on the pitch, he will no doubt carry on behind the scenes in some sort of coaching capacity. He is dubbed as Wilder's love child.....and rightly so as they share the same common love and goals for our club!


Oli Norwood for me is a master signing for the club and one of the finest central midfielders in this league by a country mile! In fact I would go one step further and say that he could quite easily walk into a top flight setup tomorrow. When Fulham didn't persue his permanent signature from Brighton, I was shocked! He was by far a stand out performer in that promotion winning team.....But, Fulham's mistake is most definitely our gain!... His pass completion speaks for itself, His tackle completion speaks again for itself, His dead ball play is absolutely second to none!....His effort, workrate and football brain make him the complete enjoy that he is in the middle of the park. He leaves absolutely everything out on the pitch. 


None of these three shock me in the slightest. I'm astonished that we haven't got the Goalkeeper award as Hendo has more clean sheets than anybody in the league and warrants it (barring a couple of mistakes but these are easily forgiven). 


The back four as well? Find it weird that JOC and Egan have been overlooked on our defensive record this season? 


Never the less though, a very fitting reward this season. It is great to be rewarded for everything that we are achieving this far!

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