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Crafty People Needed!


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I am a fundraising co-ordinator at the RSPCA Sheffield and we are starting a craft group. We have recently found out that our underfloor heating and boiler system will not last until the end of the year. We need to raise £10,000 to get this repaired asap to keep our animals warm.


The link to our current fundraising page: https://campaign.justgiving.com/charity/rspcasheffield/heating


The idea of the craft group is to make items to sell and raise funds at our events throughout the year and to make blankets, baskets and toys for our much loved animals.


Any craft is welcome and who knows you may even teach someone a new skill


The first session will be held on the 28th February 2016.

Session Fee: £3 per person

Session Time: 10.00 until 14:00


Refreshments free and cake available for a small fee


under 18's welcome but must be accompanied by an adult.


If you are interested please message me asap!

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I sent you a private message, did you see it? I'm asking as I have an unread private message but can't seem to see who its from or get in to open it.


You can contact me via my waste management website in my signature if you need to. It will give you our email address.

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