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Music cube player

alan p

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Thought so - yes I've got this one




Battery life is superb, reconned to be 20+ hours, and in my experience this seems to be true. Sound quality is good - ideal for sitting outside streaming the radio, or having on a bathroom window sill. Connects to Bluetooth easily - used with iPhones and iPads no bother. Can be quite loud for a little speaker - it's even louder if you plug the device right in to it rather than use Bluetooth.


The key thing to remember about the sound is the size though. These are small speakers so you don't get booming bass like a proper stereo. They key thing about these is portability - if that's not important, a proper stereo will always be better. It's certainly much better than the speakers on a phone, iPad or most laptops though.


I also bought the even smaller one for our daughter - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Portable-Wireless-Bluetooth-Playtime-Compatibility-Black/dp/B00OJ43RIK/ref=pd_sim_23_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=0PZ5H9J98DK3257D8HCT - it's tiny, but again, for the size, it works great. Of course it has even less bass and volume, but ideal for listening to audiobooks and probably pop music without bothering the neighbours.


The one you linked to seems to in the middle of the two Anker ones so expect decent, if not mind blowing results.


Summary of the larger Anker one for me is


- excellent battery life

- easy to connect

- looks smart

- feels solid

- clear sound

- very portable

- reasonably loud for its size

- price

- lacks deep bass

- not as loud as a proper system would be

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