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Bus route information - how hard can it be?

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Ok Im finding this very simple task particularly difficult today and it REALLY shouldn't be...


Apparently there is a free school bus from Killamarsh to Eckington school. All I want to know is what the bloody number of the bus is and where it stops. Simple really but i've spent the last 30 minutes trying to extract this information from the internet.


The council website says 'we don't put route information here but may do in future, visit the school website for more information'. So I go there and there is no mention of any bus routes at all.


I don't know the area as we are moving there shortly so I can't even pick out which company to contact to see if they may be the bus company that run the school bus. Any map I do find (all two of them) is terrible with no route info like times or bus numbers so its practically a line drawn on a map.


Can someone please point me in the direction of somewhere that contains at least some information that might help me deduce the rest or even better simply shows a map with stops, times and the bus number.




Apparently Hastings is a 20 minute walk from Killamarsh in NE Derbyshire according to East Midlands traveline website.


Thank you

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Have you rang the school?


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Its not this one is it? http://www.fixmytransport.com/routes/great-britain/126-bus--2



High Moor, Mansfield Road (N-bound) 0800

Norwood, Roundabout (W-bound) 0805

Killamarsh, adj Station Road 0810

Eckington, adj School bus park 0820



Operated by Johnson Brothers Tours Ltd

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Have you rang the school?


Not yet. I thought such a simple piece of information would be listed on other the schools website or the councils.


Apparently a 37 minute walk to a bus stop for a 15 minute bus ride is acceptable to according to traveline. :loopy:


Your link shows promise (better than traveline) however I can't see the map except for the stop icons. No roads or anything. Apparently the site has or is shutting down so Im guessing the map part has been taken down already.

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Thank you Vegas1. Thats the website (among others) I've been on for ages trying to get anything out of it but its utter pants. Your link takes me straight to what I need, thank you. I guess having the latest version of a modern browser holds you back these days :roll:


Much appreciated. :)

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If you want travel information then phone Traveline on 01709 515 151.


I've rang them up when I couldn't be bothered to wait for the desktop to load up........and it was easier to just phone than to have attempted to navigate around the website.

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