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Best Place to Get Removals Quotes from Edinburgh to Sheffield?

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Hi guys,


Not been online in a while as have been really busy working to save up so I don't starve when I head down to Sheffield to study later this year. :)


I know it's a tad early, but I like to plan ahead and have everything sorted well in advance whenever I can, so I'm trying to put the feelers out and see if I can get an idea of what it would cost to move my belongings from Edinburgh to Sheffield.


I will be moving in to a flat, as I already rent a private flat in Edinburgh, so will be needing the entire contents of the flat moved.


I've contacted a few places directly already, and I got a phone call back from one who was the cheapest quote I've had so far.


However, the guy was really but he sounded a bit cockney on the phone, and when I Googled the number it came back with this website: http://www.cambridgshireremovals.co.uk/.


It looks like they are based in Peterborough, but maybe they have premises in the Sheffield area too, who knows. It's something I could have clarified by him if I did decide to use his company I suppose...


Anyway, if anyone on here with a bit local knowledge could recommend someone to contact for a quote who are reliable and don't cost the earth that would be great.






Oh, and the move date will be early September this year!

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