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  1. Have you seen these http://www.lifestyle-villages.co.uk ? In Broomhill and Chesterfield.
  2. https://www.collectplus.co.uk/ will be around £5 with discount (it automatically adds discount on your 1st delivery). You have to drop the parcel off at the collection point (usually the nearest petrol station or CoOp).
  3. Car park looks good, plenty of room for the van But like Dore Station the car park will never be big enough
  4. Does it really matter? (controversial ) I'd buy a house based on which area/street it was on and whether I could afford it - The agent advertising it wouldn't have much influence on my decision. The last house I bought was through 'William H Brown' at Banner Cross and from a buyer's point of view i'd happily recommend them.
  5. Big Yell storage but that'll be expensive long term. Maybe you could consider 'loaning' it out? Let somebody else have it until you move house and have room for it again.
  6. When I first had a card machine 4-5yrs ago the annual overall cost was £600 (minimum) and this has now been reduced to less than £100 so it's not as bad as it used to be. Who ever you decide to use will charge you fees it's unavoidable The main companies I know of are: izettle/Paypal/Cardsave/PaymentSense/Barclaycard All will have a slightly different offer, you'll just need to work out which best fits your business
  7. Ebay or Gumtree? - Although used 2nd hand furniture will sell for a lot less than you paid for it.
  8. If it's in good condition with a fire label the British Heat Foundation will collect otherwise we can collect for £45 (minimum charge). Full details on the website
  9. Most of them will buy from the same wholesaler daily so probably doesn't make a difference...
  10. Can probably collect tomorrow if still available. Text me the address details etc. 07970177387
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