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  1. Has anyone lost a cockatiel around the Handsworth area? PM me if you have
  2. We are conducting a funeral tomorrow of a massive Owls fan called Chris Cooper who sadly passed away aged just 57. At Saturday's SWFC v FULHAM match, the family are asking if everyone would join in a minutes applause for Chris in the 57th minute. If you or anyone you know is attending the game, please join in and make it a special occasion for Chris's family. Thanks all.
  3. Ring Kevin at Abbey Lane Removals for a quote. He is very reliable, well priced and a nice bloke 07906 494617 or 01246 622299 used him several times
  4. Kids football is crazy these days. They come up with all these ideas on how to make the England football team, possible world champions, to me they need to start with these youngsters. My idea is that there are no leagues or results until they are at under 16 age group, this gives the coaches a chance to COACH the game of football, without worrying about winning the league or cup. I coach Handsworth under 11s (a club where, unfortunately, winning does matter) my philosophy is to help develop the kids into better footballers, not to bludgeon teams into a 37-0 defeat. If my team look like getting a high score, I suggest, rather than going for goals, they are better off trying to keep the ball and move it quickly, no one from either side takes anything from a 37-0 game and shame on the opposition manager for allowing it to get to that score. Unfortunately whilst we have leagues and managers/parents who insist on winning at all costs, this sort of thing will continue to happen.
  5. We've used Martyn Brown Services before, he was excellent for us.07853075887. Tell him Knighty asked you to call.
  6. I have a lot of contact with care homes due to my work. It is a little longer to travel to it, but I have always been impressed with 'The Glen' on Abbeydale Road South.
  7. Thanks guys, some good advice in there (perhaps give stevroberts idea a miss though) I like the partnership idea mlfc
  8. Hi All. I'm looking for some feedback from folk if you don't mind. I very recently set up my own Funeral Directors at Handsworth. Advertising is obviously quite a sensitive thing for a funeral home, I have done some bits on the free sites, in fact I've placed one on the business pages on here and have a facebook page and website, also I have paid to advertise in a couple of magazines locally. Before I spend vast amounts on things like the Sheffield Star and the Yellow pages, I am asking, are these the sort of places you would look, to find such a service??
  9. You could maybe go down to the Dog & Partridge or The Grapes on Trippet Lane in town, they are both full of the Irish, always great places to be.
  10. Does anyone know a good place to get atraditional Turkish Shave in Sheffield please?
  11. Is there a concert on at Don Valley tonight?, I can here something up at Handsworth and wonder where from
  12. Has anyone heard of footballgolf and do you know if there are any courses near Sheffield???
  13. Give it to the influx of immigrants, they have everything else when they arrive, may as well give them the ten million as well. Don't worry about me though, I'll still work work all hours God sends, pay my own way in life, lead an honest life and contribute to all those who have not put a single penny into the system. FACT
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