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Little baby Bird found


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just as I was on my way out to take June to the vet

I caught Mell on the garden with a baby bird I managed

to get it off her and it does seem to be ok it's just got a

little injury to the top of its beak

I do believe she had only just caught it but the thing is I'm

not sure where she got the bird from so I'm not sure where

to place this bird I am a little worried that if I put it down

somewhere Mell will grab it again

I've had it in a box in my bedroom where it is quiet it has been

in there for about 2 and a half hours now

is that long enough to leave it to calm down or does it need 24 hours

any help would be appreciated

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If you leave it 24hrs it'll probably die. Put it out in the garden, preferably somewhere high enough so that the cats can't reach it. It's parents will hopefully hear it and keep on feeding it.

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The RSPCA advice is; if it has feathers it is a fledgling and it's parents will be nearby, they will still feed it.It can also probably jump into the trees etc. It has no chance at all without it's parents :-(

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I took it on the back Garden and it flew out of my hands

before having a good peck at my fingers it was fiystey

which made me very happy because I knew it was going to be ok

I think I must have just Coght mell with it I had to throw an empty

pop bottle at her to make her let go ( well Tony did ) then I rushed

up and grabbed it otherwise mell would of just run off with it

but all is well and it's ok

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