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Power Supply Query


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Does it only have 5V output?

I suspect that it outputs other voltages along side and you need to add them up.

It would be a pretty poor power supply that took in 1.6A AC and only managed to put out 60W DC.


Edit: Sorry, meant only 12V.

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Does it only have 5V output?

It's a 12V, 5A output.

I believe Normal computer motherboard supplies output :-






Your info is incomplete.

Normal ATX supplies do output these voltages but sometimes mini-itx supplies work like a laptop power supply with an adapter called a DC-DC PicoPSU or just take a direct single DC voltage straight to the board using a laptop-style PSU. This is common on Atom N2800 and similar boards.


80W and 90W are more common for these new single-board computers as they can support standard drives and accessories but 60W can be used for low power systems.

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