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Quitting smoking, how you did it or how you failed

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Met my girlfriend now wife and she asked me to stop smoking so I did that was 27 years ago. Smoked one cigar since when I was very drunk and couldn't work out why I ever started


hiya there has been a post like this some time ago, well here's the way i gave up,it was 30th april 1976,why do i remember, it was my wife's birthday i was doing about 30 cigs a day no 6 i remember.i said if i could stop for two days that would do it for me. day one i got up put kettle on for a cup of coffee,while it was boiling got a fag out, then decided to see how long i could go without a cig, went all that day, day two, same again woke up kettle on waited for it to boil,went to cig packet thought to myself i'll see if i can go two days cig free, i've never had a cig to my lips again.

i remember a workmate asking me how i packed cup smoking and for a laugh told him this tale,i woke up at 6am put kettle on for a cup of tea it went on like this after breakfast and later i fancied a smoke, but i'll have an early lunch instead, later i fancied a cig but decided to have an early dinner, leter i fancied a cig so i though i'll have an early supper instead,then i looked at the clock and it was only 11 am.

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