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    Try Crawshaws in hillsborough barracks I've got it from there in the past.
  2. Lots of service changes to bus routes which can be seen on the First SY twitter thread https://twitter.com/FirstSouthYorks?s=09&fbclid=IwAR2wchTLbI8G8FGw1vphd_wzXCFv9CICTD-oi2KLZVXD0oLzVlXE_mnBdY8 Sheffield Online on twitter also has information and areas to avoid. Currently Blackstock road is blocked among other places. Traffic blocking Gleadeless townend.
  3. I'll report that on up to the owners
  4. I've got a screenshot and mailed it to Rob with what details I have and asked that it be taken down. Please don't click on the link.
  5. Is this actually a message or is it a banner advert? - this makes a big difference in how we deal with it. If it's banner ad or similar then we need a screenshot to identify it - if it's a private message then I need to see the message and it's originator to deal with them.
  6. Also, if anybody else is getting spammy pms please report them and we will deal with the problem.
  7. Screenshot this and attach it to a helpdesk ticket please. If this is a PM then please forward it to me.
  8. He turned up around 1 last night. I think his people are exhausted and taking a much needed rest.
  9. Closing - if you wish to help the OP the link is in the post.
  10. Post your pics of the houses and streets you've seen decorated and lets see what Sheffielders can do when they put their minds to it. This is one from last year of Ivy Park Road.
  11. As the title says some of the market stalls are now doing deliveries. The link is below. https://shopappy.com/sheffield/
  12. We had an ignore user feature on the old software and ironically enough our users ignored it. Despite being repeatedly requested to use it where they had issues with another poster.
  13. If you wish to discuss the President Elect and brexit do it on the brexit thread. That's what it's there for.
  14. Please do. I have closed the account now. If you need to contact us then you can get in touch via the helpdesk, the link for that is at the bottom of every page.
  15. May I also add my commiserations to you and your family. We will close the account for you if you would prefer us to.
  16. Sigh. Behave like grown ups please and stop the tit for tat nonsense
  17. If you are unable to post without insulting or abusing other members then I strongly suggest you refrain from posting. That will save me the bother of issuing a suspension.
  18. If you cannot remain civil and refrain from abusing each other I will be more than happy to close the thread and issue suspensions to ALL involved.
  19. Discuss the match please . If you cannot stay on topic then don't post and then you won't get a suspension.
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