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Is is easy to get a composte door frame only?

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I'm looking for a composite door. Being pricey I am looking on Ebay for one the right size.


I have found one but without a frame. All the others come with frames. It has the usual 3 point lock and all that Jazz, just not frame as they are just replacing the door.


How easy would it be to get a frame and how expensive? Anyone any ideas?




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I'm looking to get rid of my composite door and door frame and go back to a traditional oak door and frame instead.


A few years ago we were burgled. The composite door remained locked, but the burglars had literally smashed a hole in the bottom panel of the door, crawled inside through an approximately two-foot wide hole, and somehow nicked off with a 37 inch flat screen TV.


The composite door had got 5 deadlocks fitted to it, but it broke like an eggshell when challenged with some force.


Add to that, it looks cheap and plasticky compared to a traditional wooden door.


I don't regret having the UPVC windows replacing the old wooden ones, because they look just the same and are maintenance free. But I wish I'd never got rid of the old oak wooden door now. I see they are fetching £1200 and upwards on ebay for a reconditioned one.

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