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  1. I'm a southend fan, and he absolutely is. Very sad to see him leave.
  2. it's not great. the bratfurst is serviceable but i'd recommend going somewhere else for food and then heading there afterwards.
  3. typical sheffield reaction when something new and a bit more upmarket arrives. the bar in manchester is decent, and although not for everyone, is a welcome addition to the nightlife in the city centre.
  4. While that's helpful in terms of capacity, it's still a nightmare just to drive around and leave the carpark. The turn ins are narrow, people don't follow the one way systems and the main entry/exit isn't good enough.
  5. haha no thanks. Brown said that he's hoping Payne is going to sign a new contract. He's local and grown up through the Southend system so hopefully he'll recognise that he's got an opportunity to continue to develop with us (Southend). He was exceptional tonight but he's still quite raw. I was really disappointed with Sheffield United. They clearly look like a team who've given up on the season and our defence was there for the taking.
  6. They need to give the carpark a complete re-think if they're going to bring in some big stores.
  7. Does anyone have a recommendation for an architect/firm who can support us and draw up plans for a regularisation application please.
  8. no road tunnel is going to be more than 50mph, especially a long one, and so they might as well just focus on the the Glossop/Mottram bypass and try and add a couple more duel carriageway sections over the Woodhead. On a clear run the drive times are perfectly acceptable given the distance. It's the bottleneck at Glossop/Mottram and then further into Manchester that is the real issue. They're never going to put a motorway through so I think a national speed limit with some duel carriageway sections is the best we can hope for.
  9. Seeing as I doubt many on here can read Czech and can find the blog in question - it's probably fair to not jump to conclusions and let the trust complete their investigation.
  10. definitely get a few. each one will take about 15 mins for the valuation and about 20 mins for the sales pitch. but we found that across the 5 we had there was over 15% difference in the valuation price, which is quite a lot, especially as the house was worth less than £200k.
  11. How do you work that price out? A monthly season ticket comes in at about £16 per day if you work 20 days a month. Plus cost of bus/tram each way. This won't be for more than a couple of months. Think i'll give driving a go and then switch to the train if it's unbearable. Can get a tram just before 7 and should be fine to get the 7:32
  12. cheers. I've looked on the map and that could be a real help. is there any benefit of going all the way out to charlesworth and broadbottom? I know that on a bad day Glossop and Mottram can take an hr to get through. Happy to hit some country lanes to miss out the drag if they're reliable. ---------- Post added 02-03-2016 at 21:27 ---------- New work has subsidised parking for £6.50 a day which makes driving attractive over the £20 odd train. I'm sure the train will be used sometimes, but driving seems the best option all round.
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