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Evening walk, Monday 27th April


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If anybody fancies a change, the Norfolk Arms have arranged a one and a half hour (approximately) walk, leaving from the pub on Monday evening, 27th April.


The cost is £8, and for that you get hot drinks before and after the walk, a buffet when you get back, and of course a guided walk!


Meeting time is 6pm, and here is a link with more information. http://www.norfolkarms.com/ringinglow-walks.php

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Do these walks attract a large group of people? What kind of pace, gentle or a bit more brisk?




There were 15 people on this walk, and the daytime ones have been getting 20-25.


Regarding the pace, I would describe it as ordinary walking pace, certainly not brisk. The walks aren't flat easy-going ones though. There were 2 steep uphill climbs, and about a dozen stiles on this one for instance, and others involve clambering over rocks, or through boggy areas.


We have a lady in her 80's who comes regularly and I would say that if you're moderately fit, you'll be ok.


Give us a try!

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