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Should EE notify me of larger than normal bills?

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Over this past contract with EE which is ending next month, I haven't checked any of my bills, mainly because they don't send them via the post anymore and I never set up an account online to sort the account, my phone was stolen less than a year in to the contract, and when I used my new phone for the account it was a pain to do, so I left it.



Anyway, I just glanced over my bills since it started, and I notice in late 2013 I had a bill for £187 and in early 2014 another for £237


The one for £237 I actually knew about, but only because I had a lady call from EE to ask me if I wanted to add a family member to my account for a cheaper deal this that and the other, anyway, I said no, and she happened to mention the large bill. Turns out my number was used to make calls to Morocco, I went through the fraud process as you do, turns out they wouldn't refund me.


Even though it's pretty much on me, for not catching the charges, because of not checking the account, should they at least notify me of odd looking bills? my contract is $41/month, and has remained perfectly consistent throughout, so surely these odd charges would spark some interest from the systems that process them?


Just a thought really.

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