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IPhone 4s battery connector.


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Hi, I have an iPhone 4s and I was changing the battery in it and the battery connector socket has come off the motherboard. Does anybody know of a phone shop etc who could put me a new socket on or solder the old one back on. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Michael.

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It all depends if there is any damage to the board - as it could have ripped some of the track up - or one of the solder pads..


try http://www.fonefunshop.co.uk/cable_picker/96867_iPhone_4s_Charging_Port_Repair_Service.html





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Luckily the dock connector isn't connected directly to the logic board, it's connected by a snap on ribbon cable. It is a fairly easy replacement for anyone who likes tinkering with that kind of thing. There are guide videos on YouTube and the parts are relatively cheap.



Edit: Sorry completely misread your opening post. Thought you meant the charger port. Ignore my comment.

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