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Advice please, conservatory unfinished.

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We made a mistake by paying before it was finished but my wife was led to believe she was signing to say she was happy with the work done up to then.


To save a lot of explaining I'll paste a rough copy of an email I've started writing, I'll not name the company just yet as I hope the matter will soon be resolved.


Hi...you may remember I contacted you a couple of weeks or so ago regarding unfinished work on our conservatory (that I understand we have now paid for)

I was assured that someone would be coming yesterday (Monday 25th March) to complete the work but again failed to show, to be honest I didn't really expect them to, due to the poor weather but when I phoned to enquire when I might expect the work to be done I discovered there was nobody booked in to come at all, and got the impression as far as "you" were concerned the work is completed.

I know you had a list of work to be done but I will list it again in case it has gone astray-


You may remember, your plumbers fitted a flue pipe up through the conservatory roof.*

After this I discovered our boiler wasn't working properly. Fortunately I have home cover with British Gas and they came the following day (two days after the flu was fitted) to discover the flue pipe had been fitted incorrectly, causing not only the boiler to malfunction, but also to leak carbon monoxide into our home, at dangerous levels "off the scale" as the man from BG said.

This resulted in us having to switch off the boiler for several days until British gas were able to correct the fault by fitting another flu which now goes out of a different wall.

It was agreed, thank-you, that your company would pick up the bill for this work which I sent on to you and I trust you have paid.

It was obviously very disturbing to learn my family's lives had been put at risk by this mistake, and safety checks had obviously not been carried out by the plumber. However we accepted your managers apologies and offer to pay for the necessary work to be done.


Anyway so now we have a unconnected flue pipe coming into the conservatory and up through the roof which (1)needs removing, (2)the hole in the wall filling and (3)the polycarbonate panel replacing.


(4)Where the laminate flooring meets the bottom of the doors at both ends needs some trim as the rough edges are showing


(5) A piece of skirting board is yet to be fitted on one wall.


(6) One of the three small side windows has yet to be fitted with a glass unit, it is currently boarded up for reasons unknown.


(7) The rendering on the outside wall needs doing.




....I spoke to someone yesterday that told me (when I asked when I might expect them to return to finish the work) that they had ordered the polycarbonate panel for the roof so were waiting for that. When I mentioned the other work that needed doing she seemed unaware of this and asked me to send a list by email, which I did....again.


Anyway I get the feeling we are being fobbed off and they have no Intention of returning, I'm getting a bit fed up of waiting for people not showing up when expected and for promised phone calls that don't happen.


I'll give them so long before I start threatening them with....


That's what I want to know. What can I threaten them with?


Could I report the company for putting our lives in danger, and if so, who to?

Could I threaten legal action for them not completing there side of the bargain/contract?

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Hi there my name is Mark from bluestone upvc and we would be happy to provide you with a free no obligation quote. We are a highly motivated family run business offering a first class service. Backed by our Certass registration and insurance backed guarantee.

If we can of any help please call me on 01142874024/ 07720916825


Thanks Mark.

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You could always take the opinion that as no real help is coming forward (apart from the spelling) you must be pretty much on the right track.

Send the email and see what happens,


Thanks, I've phoned again today and someone actually assured me they will be returning, the problem being down to the guy that was supposed to be finishing having left the company and not tying up loose ends.

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