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  1. You could well be right..but, could the "turned out to be a load of crap" turn out to be a load of crap?
  2. It's possible the general public don't wish for analytical..only the spewed out daily feed of guff, political small talk, in fighting, gogglebox etc. We're consumers and it's so much easier to consume from the sweet and sugary limited top rather than going beyond. Politicians are honed sellers, they all ply for the consumers attention, our need to consume supersedes our weakness for detail..they simply have us in the bag...mostly, they just wear different coloured ties is all. "Looking beyond"...what a dream come true that would be.
  3. Ah. I see. I tend to use mine just after kids get in from school and before they go to bed. 4 while about 6,30. Usually a lot of din between those times. Never had a prob.
  4. If true it's a bit OTT innit? The guy pulling the trigger must have been crapping himself at the possibility of missing. Gulp! http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/05/13/us-northkorea-purge-idUSKBN0NY01J20150513
  5. To not report is complicity. You are equally found wanting.
  6. What times did you play your first kit? Use that as a barometer depending on complaints or not.
  7. JK Rowling deals with troll...'surgically'. https://uk.celebrity.yahoo.com/gossip/omg/jk-rowling-blasts--misogynistic--twitter-troll-with-brilliant--penis-enlarger--slay---legend-142559246.html
  8. On here and gumtree there's no obligation to buy, if you bid on ebay you're committed. On ebay there are fees unlike GT or SF though. On here I have no expectations, first come first served, no holding or waiting in or any of that palava, and certainly no delivery unless it's on my route and money in my paypal account first. Anything else and its a sign of desperation.
  9. http://www.screwfix.com/p/zinc-hooks-19mm-pack-of-10/65216 59p
  10. Well don't just stop there, carry on.
  11. So that little referendum thingy they had recently was a load of nonsense? Yesterdays vote had nothing to do with nationalism or Independence but had a lot to do with giving Labour a damn good hiding..which it did, surgically.
  12. For the sake of argument let's say we agree that 'using' victims' or replications of victims is a go, what in your estimation is "exceptional circumstances"?
  13. :rant: where's the bucket.. ..
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