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Wanted - old frame tent

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I did post this in the 'wanted' section originally but had no replies so am trying here for advice! I'm after a really old frame tent, any condition as long as the frame is all there (as I don't want the fabric) willing to pay a small donation to take it off someone's hands. Any ideas where I might get one? I have trawled round ebay, gumtree, ukcampsite, preloved, freegle for months now with no joy (unless you want to pay a LOT of money or travel a long way to collect). :help:

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Have you tried some of the other camping websites?

Uk campsite may be the biggest, but there are many others out there.

As people move on from tenting to perhaps caravanning, motorhoming, they often save the old equipment in the loft/shed.

Here's just a few to look at......







Hope this helps.


I'm intrigued as to what use you have for the frame without the canvas?

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Wow, those are really helpful - will have a good rummage through the links. I was thinking the same - what I really need is someone who's forgotten about the tent altogether and has no use of it as the ones on ebay etc. are obviously saleable and therefore more valuable.


What do I want it for? Well, I have an allotment and have managed to get hold of a large piece of old polytunnel skin (the plastic) so was trying to make myself a budget polytunnel! Except it's not panning out that way at the moment! Thanks for the help tho.

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Hi, anything big enough to make a decent growing space so at least 6ft by 6ft I guess but the bigger the better! The main thing is the frame needs to be heavy and steel, no carbon fibre stuff. I'm in S6 but can collect from anywhere in Sheff if you know anyone!

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