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External hard drive help


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I've just gone to plug my external hard drive into the laptop, and it's not recognising it in 'my computer'. The hard drive powers on and I can hear it whirring, I've changed the data cable in case it was that, but nothing. I've gone into disk management and its not showing there either.

Has it gone to computer tech heaven? Hope not, its got loads of photos and music on there! Photos are uploaded to facebook and music to ipod so most of it isn't completely lost if so, but I could do with getting it sorted!

Thanks to all helpful techy people out there!

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is the drive a 2.5" or 3.5" drive, either way you could take the drive out of the case and try it in a PC if 3.5" or if 2.5" stick it in a caddy. Could also be that the partition table has been corrupted.

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