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  1. Aww yay, I want to do that a birthday pressie for her!
  2. Yep I need to take her to mayfield, it was just that these were closer to us! A visit to mayfield is planned for the school hols ??
  3. oh perfect, thanks so much! There's an open day on sunday, daughter will be made up!
  4. Bit of a random one but does anyone know who owns the alpacas in the field just off Hagg hill? My daughter is nuts about them and I'd love to take her to see them but wondered if i should get owners permission first? Only to stand at the fence and watch them don't want to scare them!
  5. Money, either in a bank account or a savings thing for when she is 18 /21. Trust me, I've just had a baby myself! Did have to laugh at the 'potato with eyes' comment!
  6. My youngest daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia at 6, and last year the SENCO at her school told me she has 'aspects of dyspraxia' too. I can't help much more than that, I am aware she lacks co-ordination and is quite clumsy (she is 8, nearly 9 and unable to ride a bike, amongst other things) but I tend to just let her get on with things, and help out when I can, if she wants me to. Luckily the SENCO is her class teacher this year so that helps. Good luck.
  7. I live on School Road, a bit further up from Copley house. The road itself is fine, obviously a main road and very occasionally someone walking home from the pub drunk but thats not every week! Whether you can hear any disturbance from inside Copley house I have no idea though. I've never seen anything going off there, occasional ambulance outside but from my experience of sheltered accommodation, thats fairly normal. He should be fine, but feel free to call down at different times of the day and see for yourself.
  8. My parents are there at the moment, as far as I am aware, everything is still open and most things will be till Oct half term, although some will reduce their hours till then.
  9. My 14 year old is looking for dance classes. Nothing too serious - she doesn't want to take exams, but she doesn't want to be with a load of little children either! She likes street dance, but is also part of a couple of drama clubs, one of which has people who do things like tap dance too. We are located in High Green, would like it to be fairly local and ideally in an evening if possible?
  10. There used to be one at Hillsborough leisure centre, I'm pretty sure it still runs? I don't know if Chapeltown baths do anything as well? I know there is a buggy fit class that goes through Chapeltown too, possibly the park, but I don't have any contact details sadly. I'm 27 weeks pregnant and I ought to do something too to be honest!
  11. Have you looked at the booklet from activity sheffield? Its probably online too somewhere, maybe facebook?
  12. Seriously? Instead of sharing the heck out of this thread and making the strimmer too hot to sell on in the local community, you're all squabbling like kids? The mind boggles.
  13. Really? Have you driven around a little bit? We have a blue badge and always get parked close by.
  14. You can't. Honestly, I know how bad it is. My whole family had to sit and watch as my sister got into a relationship with a vile abusive *****, eventually she left the family home and cut off all contact with us, for 10 years. It broke my mums heart but all she could do was wait. Eventually a work friend of my sisters found my mum and brother on facebook and managed to get my sister to talk to them. This same workfriend gave her the confidence to leave the idiot and move into a flat on her own. The day she left him, my dad, husband and brother went to 'help' and make sure he didn't interfere. The police were called but my sister managed to leave safely. She is now with another man, lovely guy this time and has a beautiful daughter and is very close to us all again. So the horrid 10 years were worth it in the end.
  15. Same as you, I just assumed the Ickea thing was Swedish or something lol. Wouldn't worry about it!
  16. Try asking in your local church(es), they might be able to give you more information.
  17. We used the one on Elm Lane, think its still there? £10 call out charge, friendly guy and a replacement part at cost price cos it was already in his van.
  18. I had vinyl flooring in my hallway, dining room and sons bedroom. We had a flood and it had to be replaced due to it being such an issue with insurance (don't ask) but it was fine in itself, we chose it as it worked out cheaper than laminate and we could lay it ourselves. Currently have laminate all the way through downstairs now but I would go back to vinyl, it's warm and easy to clean!
  19. Haha love that this thread has appeared again! We went with what was CSL in the end, quite expensive but I pay monthly so not really noticeable. We have a gorgeous leather corner sofa that still looks quite new despite 3 kids and a hubby frequently covered in oil (i do shout at him if he doesn't clean it off first lol).
  20. There are at quite a few of them? I have kids who regularly need a wee whilst travelling
  21. I would love one! And I'd pay £10 per hour, it would be worth it lol. Although my worst job is ironing and putting the clothes away!
  22. It is going to be a sainsburys apparently, not sure how they forced it through but they did, so there you go. Not entirely sure how many small shops a village needs, especially with an asda a few minutes walk / drive away, and an aldi and morrisons a little further, both on bus routes but we shall see. I really hope the planners / supermarket managers don't plan on deliveries during school run times, that would be madness.
  23. I walked past twice, both times a poor woman was sat on her own behind a desk with no one queuing....felt really sorry for her! So, was it badly advertised? I never saw or heard anything? Or has Sheffield got no talent?
  24. We bought our sofa last year, no problems at all, very helpful
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