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Recommend a vet in worcester for an old jack russell?


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i know this is the sheffield forum, but i know that not everything or everyone is sheffield-centric... so... does anybody know of a good vet in Worcester who is good and knowledgeable about old dogs (Jack Russel specifically)??


thanks all and apologies, i know it's a bit random :)



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I can't recommend one personally but find yourself a specific small animal practice ie one that treats only cats and dogs. A mixed vets may be cheaper but you will get more of a specialised opinion if you choose a professional who only deals with small animals.


You could ask if anyone in the practice has an interest in geriatrics? Jack Russell's do not need a different vet from any other breed though. If you have a specific problem in mind and want a vet with extra qualifications relevant to the condition then you can look on the RCVS website and see if there is someone local to you.


What is the actual problem with your dog?

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Another top tip is to choose a practice that covers its own out of hours


In an emergency, you don't want a sick and elderly dog ferried back and forth between your own vet and the out of hours if he's in for a couple of days

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thanks both.


think we've got a vet sorted. Badger the dog seems to have taken a bit of a turn... drinking MASSES of water, being disorientated and a bit punch drunk, knocking into things, lost his bounce. either we think he's got diabetes or liver disease. we just want to make sure that he has the happiest time he can have in the winter of his life.


anyway, he's off to the vet tomorrow, pee sample in hand :)

shall report back


thanks again


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just FYI... we took Badger to MacArthur Barstow and Gibbs vet in Worcester and they were lovely. I recommend. ta :)

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