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"Lady With The Knife"

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In the early sixtys I went to the Locarno, Mecca , on London Rd met a girl and took her holme in my Land rover, cannot remember were she lived but went in to see her parents her father was a cutler and a few weeks later she came to the Mecca with a hunting style knife wrapped in old newspaper and said present from her dad. just wonder if the lady involved is still about and does she remember the incident would love to hear from her.Mac. {phone 07979758637}

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bazza63. Are you sure you got the right end of the stick with the knife situation?

You say her parents had met you. What if, as she was leaving to meet you that

night her father said, 'you're looking lovely this evening my dear, going somewhere

special? And she replied 'yes i'm meeting bazza, you know, you met him the other


Then her father mutters under his breath 'bloody ell' goes to the cupboard & hands her

the knife saying ' if thart meeting bazza tha best tek this wi thee'.


now I'm not saying that's what happened but it would explain why you haven't met her


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Was it definitely a present, and not a "here, hide this for me" type of situation?


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Was it definitely a present, and not a "here, hide this for me" type of situation?


Ok not at all helpful..


But could you write a few 100 words on the subject and get the Star to run a little mystery type story? That's the sort of thing they like to run with a picture of you holding the knife, looking off into middle distance with a far away look in your eye.

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